Codex Alera (Weekend Raiding / 5XP)

Server Name: Codex Alera
Direct Connect:
Server Population Limit: 40 players!

This is a server for people who are looking for casual gaming during the week with raiding on the weekend. PVP is 24/7 but bases are safe during the weekdays. If you like to raid bases… then its “game on” for Sat/Sun. The server was wiped to start fresh with the most recent update (Update 36) also removing the enslaved Bandit Leaders from the server. Come join us. There are plenty of primo base locations to claim and build in.

Key Settings on the server:

  • No Raiding M-F
  • Raiding SAT/SUN
  • PVP 24/7
  • XP is at 5X
  • Avatar summon disabled
  • Purge frequency increased 2x
  • Crafting speed regular
  • Thrall/Pet breaking regular

See you soon on Codex Alera!


The weekend raiding has made this better! Thanks for the update!