Cold Iron for the Soul - quest bug

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Update, admin did not help on petition and has asked me not to post our conversation which of I have a screenshot, he/she then closed my petition (but I will respect their wishes).
Only player on NPH that offered any knowledge on the quest wrote:
[Hulgabulga]: the door is behind atzel throne not in map room ^^
[Hulgabulga]: in the card room, the boss is porting through the wall and an error occurs quest
I have opened the door behind main Boss, behind main Hall 3 times and no boss spawned, so either it ported or did not spawn.

Did you open the door behind the throne after you already had an boss-encounter in the room with the maps?

Usually it works, if you skip the room with the maps, kill Atzel and then enter the room behind the throne. Iirc a player, who has the quest, needs to be the first to hit the ghost-boss.

I think this is correct : you need to go pull him in the correct room, the little one behind Atzel’s throne before anyone bugs it through the wall in the maps room. and you need to be the fist one to hit the boss to trigger the quest.