Coldsnap ability oversight

Recent changes to temperature system are causing adverse side effects with the heated and coldsnap abilities. Due to the vastly increased damage and the temperature regulation process of the cooling and warming effects being very slow the duration of these abilities may need to be re-examined. As it stands they are basically instakill effects with little player input available to counter-play.


Examples of places, or situations where cold is really a problem ? On what map, what biome, area ?

I have barely issue with the temperature, be it on EL, or Siptah. There very few places where i’m cold, and think “oh, i should get some warmer armors”.
I remember EA, where i died often to temperatures and weather-changes. I could barely cross the desert without purified water to avoid heatstroke. And the north was freezing. Now i can walk nearly to the mounds without seeing any temp changes. Only in some areas i need a “little” prepation.

Cold isn’t the problem. The problem is the weapon abilities coldsnap and heated. The frost giants also use this ability.

Yes, that is true, but still doesn’t call for a change in that attack. The Exiled Lands, especially the northern snow covered mountains, are a dangerous place. It’s not a game mechanic problem in my opinion.

You need to be careful when battling Frost Giants, that coldsnap… (I actually thought it was Frostbite, or maybe coldsnap gives you frostbite, no matter) nothing gives complete protection when you get slammed by one of those attacks. Wear the best armor you can find (maybe a legendary shield that has cold resistance), have lots of warming drinks and warming food, a torch and a warming weapon that you can either use all the time or switch too in time of need.

And most of all, get out of the way when a frost giant starts swinging.

Yes, but the warming/cooling effects take too long to change your temperature. The only issue is that the time needs to be reduced a little. I aould never have even noticed if the game wasn’t an entirely unplayable laggy mess. Frost giants are slow and easy to dodge unless they teleport like endermen, the game freezes for 2 minutes, or the game runs like a PowerPoint presentation which is 99% of the time right now. Optimal gameplay isn’t an issue. It is a combination of multiple changes resulting in an outdated number having potential to cause massive problems for most people.

The attack is fine. The mechanic is fair. The duration needs to be updated to accommodate for new systems. Trim it back by like 1.5 seconds or so and it’s fine.

Ah ok, i misunderstand your point completely, was thinking you had a weather problem. :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain:

I misunderstood and didn’t catch the part about the lag from your previous post. Some of the foods will make that temp change immediately, like Chili Desert Style, of course you might die of thirst when you eat it, if you don’t have something to chase it down.

But the lag thing…is it the server and connection you are playing on? The only time that our server gets any type of lag is when it badly needs a restart, which we do once a week without fail and sometimes a couple times a week depending on how much playtime it gets.

Not the server, I reset it weekly. It is just the game being slow af. I’m not worried about this effecting me but because heated and coldsnap are stacking debuffs those who can’t dodge a stationary object are in real trouble. Either way this ability was balanced for roughly 1/3 the damage it does now. Plus with weapons that apply this it can cause pvp problems. The last console update increased temperature damage by about 3x so these abilities were also effected.

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