Coldsnap counter?

Spending a lot of time around the frost giants leveling thralls, and while the health regeneration bug on Xbox is making the debuff they give pretty negligible I keep thinking about how it’s going to be once they fix regen and I’ll actually have to worry about health loss from Coldsnap. Is there a way to counter it? Spiced food/drinks don’t seem to work and I tried violet cure-all but I guess that’s only really violet cure-some. Any way to get rid of the chills caused by a frost giant hit?

Doesn’t matter if you or the thrall kill them, same XP either way, and I use a shield but thralls are often buggy and won’t attack until you take damage. Haven’t tried the soothing potion yet but I’ll give it a go.

Use Godbreaker armor (highest temp protection) and/or the Solspeil shield or the Ymir’s Targe shield

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I’ll give that a try, thanks.

+2 cold armor, new +3 cold protection sword dropped from boss at F7 southern aqueduct. + solspeil, Then when frostbite occurs u drink the Absinth, all drops at the frost temple.

Edit absinthe, not wine.

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