Collector's edition missing the world map?

So, I was unboxing the Conan Exiles box (pc version) and realised that the “world map” wasn’t there?? >_>
either i’m blind or somethin’. but it is not included in the box. And i’m pretty sure it’s not a digital content.
not like it’s a big problem or anything, but just had to make a post about it!. :confused:
My “CE” is not complete :frowning:
was it removed from the “CE”?

Heya! The map will be within the game box. Unfold the paper in there and that should be it!

Thank you! xD I really was blind. and here I thought i checked everything 10 times over… well that was embarrassing xD

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No worries at all!! Honestly I wouldn’t have looked there first either :slight_smile:

Thats comforting :smile:
thnx alot!
Time to enjoy this awesome game!

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