Color coding systems? And non-slave thralling!

So what do people think of the color coding systems that are now live with 2.4? I admit I was slightly confused for a second when my placing building set pieces now actually glow green, yellow, orange and red (and red being the last level you can place). Then I realized it was building stability marking

And I found out that if you place the ceiling tiles all in one direction, they improve a color-code for stability. So you have an idea of why something isn’t placing right, so bonus.

I also noticed that weapon tracing appears to have some sort of color coding (starts purple and switches to red for combo marking?)

Did anyone else notice anything in 2.4 (and I’m playing Siptah right now)?

I also love that in Siptah, they added an option to kill a jailor boss, loot a jail key and rescue a thrall (though for right now, looks like only Bearers).

(I think this is all 2.4 for that, but I do play with mods solo.)

Uh…yeah…“rescue”…I’m here to “rescue” you. Sure, lets go with that. :smiling_imp:

Well, considering you don’t have to knock them out or put them on a wheel of pain, yeah it’s that straight forward. I think they need to add an option to ‘send’ them home though.

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