Colvric the bladehas lower hp than others nammed t4 fghters you can catch in summoned surge

colvric the blade is a named t4 fighter u can catch in great aquilonean army surge, he came with 3800 hp, but others nammed t4 thralls of others tribe seem to cOme all with 6800 hp, is the 3800hp of colvirc the blade normal, and if yes why lower hp than all others nammed fighter thralls ?

Correct… and this is the case across the regions you can summon. There are t4 fighters/archers of 2 variants it seems with the various surges. I’ve got some named ones that are in the 3k to 4k starting range, and some that are in the 6k+ starting range. As I’ve said, essentially 2 variants.

While I have nothing from Funcom to support my theory, I think it is them keeping in line with the fact that they have T4 variants on Exiled Lands, i.e. not all T4’s are equal (Cimmerian Berzerker is different in stats from Dalinsia Snowhunter as an example).

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