Combat and Map suggestions

So as I was playing last night I thought of some things I figured I’d post about. Last night I crashed twice which sucks, not sure what caused it but both times I ended up dying because I was close to a hostile and couldn’t do anything about it and due to it being a crash, my death marker was not saved on the map so I could not find my body. My suggestion for this would be to make death markers permanent and only able to be removed manually like a player made marker, that way even if you logged out or crashed you would still be able to see your death marker.

As for combat, one thing I’d like to address is the kick. The kick from my understanding is supposed to put your opponent off balance or break a shield block, but in practice while it does put them off balance or break a shield block, the kicker’s recovery time is longer than the enemies. So while I’ve kicked the enemy and they were put off balance by the time I’ve fully recovered from the kick and am able to attack the enemy has already recovered and has either hit me or is winding up an attack I’d only be able to dodge away from. I think the after cast of the kick should be shortened greatly so that the kicker can use a well placed kick to open up an attack on their opponent right after and not the other way around.

Also fist weapons should be added, the animations for punching and stuff are already there we just need to get some damaged attached to them, would be super cool!


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It‘s really annoying how kick works in this game. Unfortunately it’s not the only thing that is not working good. Sometimes when Im fighting a NPC, it happens that Im not able to counterattack because NPC is going super saiyan mode and is doing secondary attack after secondary attack after secondary attack. When I do my Secondary Attacks I have a recovery phase after my attackchain or when im out of stamina. But com is fighting like Bruce Lee, it‘s stamina never ends and every attack it does is always faster.

Sadly there are tons of small things that need to be adressed. Hopefully they will fix these problems.

Kick needs to be A BIT more like Dark Messiah. Meaning you can kick some enemies and make them fall off a cliff. It would be extremely satisfying.