Combat knock back/Stuttering pain!

This is a comment form another post but i felt like it needed it’s own post to get some more focus!

The big issue i have right now is the intensive hit stuttering when you get hit by anything!

Okay, i can explain what i mean by that and i will try to keep it short. When you fight you get knocked back every time you get hit, that is combat stuttering. I do not believe you should get knocked back by every small attack that hit’s you, not when you are in heavy and medium armor at least…

Light attacks should not be able to knock you back and do only do small amounts of damage. They are a way of doing easy damage but should also have a small parry chance(Parry system, hello!).

Heavy attacks should do combat stuttering/knock back but only with a low % chance on first hit, 40% on second combo hit and 60% chance if you get hit by the third and forth hit. (Maybe even higher on the last combo hit, not sure about that)

The excessive combat stuttering/knock back we have right now makes pvp and pve a pain and i believe this must be fixed!

I do enjoy this game a lot, but getting chain stutter form getting hit by light attacks is really ■■■■■■■ me off…

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