Combat System (Re-Revamp)

Can we please get a combat system like here:

It’s honestly the best melee-combat experience out there right now and it would be a wet dream come true when paired with Conan Exiles. There’s a lot more going on than first meets the eye.

Getting this game simply for the combat alone would then be an absolute no-brainer already.

They just revamped the combat system…

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current system is better but need few tweaks to work as it should , game on that trailer is built around that fight , conan is diffrent style game so don’t expect everything that is the best in other games because it’s impossible to do


That kind of system works really well for arena-style games, where fights are quick and you respawn right away. But Conan needs a longer, more drawn out combat style that minimizes the effect of lag. There’s simply a lot more network traffic going on in an open-world survival game than in an arena FPS. It’s not that they chose not to go with a style like that, but rather that it is impossible to mix both that style of combat with this style of massive open-world.


You guys are hurting my feelings by stating what I already knew and I am an Apache Attack Helicopter, so don’t hurt my feelings.

I know the combat system is rather in-depth in Mordhau and most likely too taxing for an open world game like Conan - wouldn’t it be possible though, to work a more simple approach of it into the game? More complex mechanics like clashes (blades hitting each other) could be left out for example.

I’m just thinking that if they could implement a combat system that won’t restrict you so strictly to the move-sets of your weapons, locking your movement down etc. would result in a much more fluid, versatile and more skill-dependent experience.

Melee-combat in most games feels rather lackluster and boring once you’ve tried out something like Mordhau.

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I know… and it definitely looks better than before! But…

Well, taking a page from Blades and Souls, making the combat closer to a fighting game while keeping the mmo aspects in mind would be splendid. Despite all of that game’s faults, it certainly had engaging combat mechanics despitebeing an MMO. It’s got stuff everyone can learn from.

Definitely, there’s got to be ways that the combat in Conan could be enhanced. I’d personally love to see things like jump-attacks, crouch-attacks as knockbacks or staggers, shield bashes, directional moving attacks, and whatever else that can be added to give more variety to the weapons.

I think you hit the nail on the head when you mentioned:

I’m just thinking that if they could implement a combat system that won’t restrict you so strictly to the move-sets of your weapons

Like, right now, an axe has a very specific playstyle, and a spear has a very specific playstyle as well. Actually, the spear has much more variety than the axe, as the spear can be used as either an AoE weapon (light attack) or a stabbing weapon (heavy attack).

Maces, meanwhile, have essentially 8 flavors of the same attack: Vanilla left. Vanilla right. Vanilla wide. Vanilla wide 2. Chocolate left. Chocolate right. Chocolate jump. Chocolate wide with some added vanilla.

I think shields would be a very apt weapon to focus on. Right now most people find them really clunky. It’s hard to bring your shield up right after an attack. Let shields cancel attacks in exchange for stamina cost, so that I can bring my shield up exactly when I need to. That way I would be able to actually use my shield to avoid an attack, rather than dodging with a shield (which IMO should rarely need to happen).

While it might be impossible to match Mordhau, I think there’s a lot that can be done for Conan still.

We’re at ‘Combat 2.0’, but maybe we would get to ‘Combat 2.1’ soon.

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I don’t think that limiting combat styles to weapon choice would be a bad thing. Or rather, it might be a good idea to expand on traits exclusive to each weapon type. Like Monster Hunters. Since we don’t pick a class at creation, let your weapons help in defining your role and/or style.


From my experience there are no classes or weapons needed, in a classical RPG manner, to define your role and style.

What I mean by that is that, if you know you like to play on the front, you don’t really need to be able to pick “Warrior / Tank” as a class.

Naturally you would come to the conclusion of putting on stronger armor in order to withstand more damage… or maybe you count on mobility and agility, preferably dancing around the hits of your enemies.

Really it’s up to you how you think you could handle a situation the best and there’s nothing better in defining your own playstyle with help of more options, rather than restrictive stamps.

Most equipment isn’t too shy to show you straightforward what its supposed strength is. Let’s take the spear as an example. Its reach is definitely a strength and I bet it’s something that even a beginner would immediately understand, without ever having had to deal with the specific move-set of a weapon.

Now let’s say you have the option to “thrust / stab” even with a sledgehammer: it still would be clear to you, that the spear must be a better choice for that specific task. On the other hand, the hammer can break shields, something that a spear isn’t capable off.

There’s just something awesome about being able to define your playstyle in this manner.

Dark Souls and Mordhau are two very different games, yet if in Mordhau two players would meet, who are using the exact same equipment, it still wouldn’t tell you as much of their style, as you might expect. Because of the freedom they have to express their playstyle (not being locked to movesets), you could see two vastly different performances.

Conan Exiles right now, is a lot more like Dark Souls, rather than Mordhau. If you see someone in a Silent Legion armor and a Spear, you know exactly what to expect.

Arrik, don’t get me wrong, we would love a combat system like Mordhau in CE, and why not in any melee game, I have tried so hard to make such a thing work in Skyrim but I never nor anyone could do so.

But the reason I think we shouldn’t expect this style in CE is not because of technicalities, neither considering the huge time that would take to make such a complex system work well ( well, can’t you see the number of things that already don’t work well in the game? ), but Mordhau is a game that IS the combat, here, the combat is one of the pillars of the game, so the Mordhau style, even being amazing as it is, won’t fit the game as it is right now.

Am I saying that the current combat is perfect? hell no… did I said hell no already? let me say that in caps then: HELL NO!, but I think it’s a shot in the right direction, I always like CE, but I haven’t bought the game until they changed the combat, so I am as passionate about the subject as you are.

We should work as a community to try and improve the current Dark Souls’ish approach to the game. See I don’t this combo based combat like that, I believe that we could choose the attack we want to do by a combination of the movement keys and/or mouse movements, followed by the mouse key to make the appropriate move, but right now we should focus in more universal things that plague the current pvp aspect, like health regen, bows and throwable weapons being useless, the inability to block and kick with any weapon ( of course, shields can block better, and daggers shouldn’t allow any kind of blocking as it already does ) and most importantly: how easy is to be kiting, dodging and weaving away from enemy attacks, some players don’t know the flaws of those combat mechanics, but the ones that do are a pain to deal with, the combat takes forever, because he refuses to fight you until he has full health ( and so would you, as you both would be regaining health ), if he starts to lose some he’ll try to reset the fight by eating a bunch of food while he’s dodging, doing some bob and weave against your ranged attacks, double jumping over your head, sidestepping from you attacks… it’s a hell.

But we can fix it by giving our feedback on it, and it will be as fund as it is in Mordhau in it’s own way.

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Thought this was gonna be For Honor… that gameplay of Mordhau looks like dog****

I would love the devs to take a look at it, as they’ll know best how far it would be possible for them to draw inspiration from it and actually make something out of it (in first place of course even simply considering and being aware of it).

Looks great you mean? Or is there another game where you’ve seen someone doing that?

That looks dumb as F man, sorry… go look at For Honor, that’s the only game I’d say that has a decent skill-based combat system

I’m fine with the current system, it is dark souls-like which is good in my books. :stuck_out_tongue:

I was actually playing For Honor since Beta and it’s a complete joke compared to Mordhau. But I understand you’re not quite getting what’s happening in the video, which is ok.

Mount & Blade had two apprentices For Honor and Mordhau. For Honor deviated from the master teachings, tried to do his own vision of the art but in that attempt, ended up missing the spirit of it all. But then the master when it’s too old and dying looks at Mordhau and says: Son, you can take it from here.

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I just started playing this game and the combat feels very mechanical to me, not fluid at all. It is an okay system but could be much better.

You can find the combat from that video in games released before 2004. How can that crap be better?
And yeah For Honor have the best melee combat system of them all.