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I love the combat in Conan Exile, it’s not just button mashing but there is a time to attack and there is a time to dodge because the enemy can tank a few hits and still alive to deliver an attack. It’s also quite similar to Witcher 3 where we’re not tanking damage but actually dodging it. The combo seems similar to ELEX where successful chained combo will deal the most damage output but I’m not quite sure about that.

I have no problem fighting monster/creatures,they’re tanky and can tank a few hits and I usually deal 2-4 hits before then it’s time for them to attack.

My problem is against human npc, I know I’m probably outleveled and outgeared fighting Cimmerian Fighter III at lv 40 but they don’t give any chance for me to attack, I even wait for him to finish an attack but even when attacking right after he just did an attack, he’s also attacking at the same time, and since they hit like a truck, I spend more ambrosia than gaining the light soul for making it, so I’m curious and ask here. I’m trying to capture him, not killing him, using spear is easier because it kinda has stun but using truncheon is hard.

BTW does race in CE mean anything ? I have a Fighter III from different race than Cimmerian, but he’s not as strong as the Cimmerian Fighter III and if I remember correctly the Cimmerian Fighter III has more HP.

The strength of the thrall is dependent on where you get them. A thrall from the Mounds of the Dead will be stronger than a thrall from the darfari camps down south. For example, I have Mei the Blade from the jungle, and she has around 750hp if I recall correctly. I also have Dalinsia Snowhunter, a t4 from the Mounds, and she has 2025hp. I believe it all depends on the level of the zone.

ah I see, Cimmerian Fighter III has around 1600 while the Stygian iirc has only around 800 for the same Fighter III.

take him with you with a truncheon equipped on him too, he will help you knock the harder one out.

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You mean using my own thrall equipped with truncheon ?

I’ll try it tomorrow then, I currently don’t have any thrall because all died in Purge, but I got one still converting in the WoP

LOL it worked perfectly. 6 thralls in WoP with no healing item used. Ez pz.

btw will I get exp if my thralls kill the npc enemy ?

you should get the xp, and you are welcome, glad it made things a bit easier for you.

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