Combating Building Griefers on PvE-C Servers

There’s been a lot of complaints on the PvE and PvE-C servers about griefers who wall-offs key areas. This isn’t a problem on PvP servers because those walls can be torn down. I don’t have any suggestion for the poor PvE players, but it seems to me that allowing for building destruction on PvE-C servers during PvP times would solve the problem for those folks.

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erm…. this would allow the griefers to take a more active role in ruining people’s experience… either people’s resources/entire bases are walled off or the griefers will just blow up the bases… the walling needs to be fixed but replacing one form of griefing for another is not a option… some of us went to PVE-C to be able to have a life outside of the game… to have a base to return to…


And the wall breaking on pvp sounds easier than it is. They wall off all the spawn points for resources to build trebs and explosives to knock the walls down so… I don’t know if it’s not grieving one way they will always find another. Maybe a build limit. I hate to even say that but, there has got to be a way to fix the issue.

What about this:

  • The larger your base(s) and amount of thralls/pet you have, the quicker the purge meter fills up even without doing purge specific actions.
  • Multiple purges so you can get hit in multiple biomes at the same time.
  • Purge difficulty based on base size. This could mean you can have a powerful purge at a puny base since the difficulty is based on ALL of your structures.

Probably more things that can be added, but I think the purge is an underused game mechanic that could fix some pretty big issues with the game.
Like thralls left behind after moving bases. The purge could have this as a priority to clean stuff up. And it would make sense since in theory they are more exposed.


One issue is that griefers can simply build a huge structures, then login only once every decay period to keep it refreshed indefinitely. If the max decay time decreased for those who only login for 5 minutes a week, week after week, maybe then it would be possible to combat such shenanigans.

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