Come join berserk conan rp for ps4 need more players and want to get popular

Join the server. Berserk Conan rp. No offline raiding allowed PvP only allowed if u rp. Join the Facebook group same as the server name. U get starter pack. Alot of skilled fighters u don’t drop items on death. We have a maze, obstacle course (that is literally the 3rd circle of hell.) Self Made dungeons. Word event. And world war. No base raiding without permission from any admin. No admin abuse, maybe I will drop.100 camels cause it’s funny lol Theives can steal if they don’t lol or destroy anything which makes theives awesome lol and honestly it’s alot harder then official. There is no hatred on server cause we all have fun. And everything can be replaced. Game of thrones, conan, and berserk fans will love it. Join now give me a challenge face me and 2 other players which are skilled fighters. Win prizes. And please if your a dude don’t create a female char. Too many shemales on the server Lol it’s confusing for me. LMAO we joke alot on the server.