Come One Come All! (PS4 PVP Server)

Hey all, I’ve got a server up and running that we’re looking to populate with active people. I’ll be providing a starting bonus for any new players of 100 of each basic building material to get you started. (Foundations, walls, ceiling tiles, etc)

If you’re interested hop on over to Banditos Badlands and check it out. Send me a message on PSN for your starting bonus, and who knows, I might even slip in a nice extra.


Hi sounds good, were is the server based? I am EU, I guess this will make a difference as I will be online mostly EU evenings.

IS it a PVP server, I guess I don’t mind too much, just want to try out the game in a different mode (just played off line so far).

It is an East Coast US Server but right now There are about six active players, one in London, another in Bolton, there are two Brazilians who are not really engaging in PVP, and two Russians, then myself in the US.

PVP is set to on, though building damage is limited to a time when there are players on to defend as needed. And if server consensus changes we can modify as needed to prevent logging in some day to find you’ve been decimated overnight.