Coming back, install going now

I tried coming back a couple of years ago, but never did figure out how to get out of the starting area. Is there a way to go back to one of the other starting areas? Please and thank you.

By starting area do you mean Noob River? At the bottom of the map? If you want to leave that area just pick your legs up and walk. Lol

When I get in there, i’ll keep that in mind…lol You used to start at a crash site, the last I tried that wasn’t it. Listen I’m old, it will take a bit and pick up and walk out is harder than you may think! :slight_smile:

Crash site? That’s never been a thing in Conan Exiles.

I’m wondering if you’re mixing up Conan Exiles, a sandbox survival game with Age of Conan, an MMO

This is going to be impossible for me. umm, this is not Anarchy Online, is it?

No, it is not.

Lol. Oopsies. Wanna play Conan for a while? (PC version of course lol).

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