Common etiquette

OK so I get banned from the forums for talking down to someone or calling them names when they bad mouth me on my post. Sure yea makes sence. No argument there.

How about this if you see a post that in your opinion is stupid or pointless, instead of going into it head on with putdowns and idiocy. How about you take that bull-crap, don’t even go into the post, and move the hell on. Because if you think it’s ok to crap-talk someone else, then you better be prepared for someone to crap-talk you back.

You don’t have any right to treat someone bad and when they retaliate you cry and report them. Anyone who crap-talks anyone is in the wrong it doesn’t matter if you started it or finished it.

In conclusion if you don’t like what someones post is about. Ignore it. Move on.

I think I know which incident you’re referring to.

The thing is, there are many ways to say things when you disagree with someone. You can be civil and respectful, or you can be offensive and hostile. Disagreeing is a major part of any discussion; if we just “ignore and move on” every time we disagree with someone there’ll be nothing to discuss.

It’s a matter of how to approach the situation where you disagree with someone. It’s difficult to convey tone in text, but despite what some people claim, it’s not impossible. And unfortunately blunt or aggressive tones are easier to convey than politeness, so it’s easy to accidentally hurt someone’s feelings and escalate a friendly debate into a dirt-tossing contest.

The way you responded to the people who were being unintentionally unhelpful to you was way out of line in my opinion - and by the tone of this post of yours it feels like you may need to take heed of your own advice.

Common etiquette includes being polite and respectful, even towards people who may disagree you. Even towards people who may lack similar manners.


That too

Yea, but usually people, (myself included unfortunately) choose the latter option.

Where your opinion is valid, it would probably resolve itself if either option 1 they just ignore the post if their intention is to put someone down or option 2 read the entire post before starting a debate if their intention is to not immediately put someone down.

Because in every instance involving me personally, as well as other posts I have read, this is usually the case.

For example

My post was not read in it’s entirety and I was put down.

This is the biggest culprit in online arguements.

That and many many others

Funcom has posted community guidelines regarding this forum. The first paragraphs explain that they expect people to treat each other and them with respect and that insulting or attacking individuals is not acceptable.
Disagreeing with their idea is acceptable, but attacking the person behind the idea is not.
Eg: “I do not like that idea because…” versus “What kind of idiot are you for suggesting such a stupid idea…”

Funcom specifically states in their guidelines that: “If someone insults another or makes an offensive statement about a group of people, do not respond in kind; just report the post.”

So if you consider that you have been insulted, abused, attacked by someone in a post they made, or their post is off-topic, make use of the flag system to report it. Either as a violation of the community guidelines, as off-topic or the “other” category with an explanation to the moderation team why you wish them to review the post.

Escalating the conflict by insulting the person back is not within the community guidelines.

Yes that’s true, however I do have an issue within myself to not retaliate.

My point was that people intentionally abuse this feature, by bad mouthing someone in their post, and then when the op retaliates, the ba mouther flags and reports the op.

With respect, we are all typing responses so can control how we respond better than in spoken conversation to remove personal insults and keep a more neutral tone with our posts. Re-reading our posts before submitting for example to self-censor personal attacks.

Also if people are bad-mouthing you then Funcom asks that we use the flag system rather than escalate the attack.

Some people (myself included) aren’t as quickly inclined to push the report button.

Not many people are inclined to do so

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