Common problems that need fixed

  1. I am 5 squares away nothing in my line of sight and somehow I get a 25% chance to hit a tank? Seriously was this game even play tested? Spend 5 minutes at a gun range. Even if I miss the bullseye but still hit the paper I would have hit my target 8/10 times.

  2. High ground seems to work well when its the NPC that has the high ground. When I had it to be honest I couldn’t tell. And realistically it seems when an enemy has cover they get about a 50% cover advantage as the player would in the same situation. Rarely when I have cover do they miss me. Rarely!

  3. Enemies hear you… So a tank on the other side of a building automatically knows my location, exactly. Not realistic at all.

  4. range of the scion’s chain lightning is to far.

  5. I had units attack while on the stairs. A tank hits the guy in the front of the line, top of the stairs. Which now blocks my other units from moving upstairs for some reason. Why is it he can move across me but I cannot do the same?

Mostly its just a huge disadvantage to the player in this game, balancing is needed. To me this is not even strategy at this point its mostly try this and get lucky.

Few more things to add.

So I am on top the train. enemy can seem to climb to the top to get to me whithout using a ladder. Just to be realistic only a small percent of people in real life could do this move with an axe in hand and attack when you get there lol. Just stupid stuff.

Also do hunters have unlimited range or do they ever miss?

thanks a lot