Common Sense Patch

Please consider making a Common Sense Patch.

This would mostly be a QoL patch, with some other changes that were “Common Sense”. I like this game, but it needs some added common sense to really keep my attention. Don’t look at it in a “the way we normally do it”, rather look at it in a strictly “Common Sense” way and then see what ideas you could squeeze into the game.

Well they removed the rudeness of mounts or thralls. For me this is a high Common sense fix!

Finally can climb without having the horse suddenly dropping on my head and Kill me in the process :wink:
Finally can one go farming without Getting Stucked between Rocks/mounts and thralls.

You might know how it works with this game…you get a fix in one Department, something else stops working in a Different Department.

The demand for applying “common sense” is poisoned by the fact that what one sees as common sense usually is but an individual opinion.

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I would agree except this is still a problem…

(Horse moved on top of me and held me underwater.)

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