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So, I know we have the forums, where everyone can message each other and type out topics and such for everyone to see, but what about in-game?

I don’t mean a forum board, but what about a (and this is similar to my bulletin board idea) a board that can be placed like a regular wall sign, but each person can get one entry on the board that they can edit, each, and then toggling between an “Edit” and “View” mode can do exactly that. Edit your own message, or view the other messages left by other travellers.

These boards can be put as much as any other sign, and with one message per person, it prevents too much clutter!

Just an idea, of course.
Let me know how you feel, or if the idea can be altered better :relaxed:

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I like the idea of message boards in world, especially in bases, for clans this could be usefull.

Not sure how it should work, and if out of a clan, an other player could interact with it. This may be an other difficulty then.
But def a nice idea. While forums, and outside chats may be fine, they are not really immersive, and acting in a role-play manner, so yes ! :smile:

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