Community-Server lag

It seems the Community-Server was lagging today as I opened my RF-Boxes on my Tos. I didn’t get anything in my inventory, no token (19 T4 relics) and no shards (75). Please take a look at it ind fix it.

Can confirm slow loading all weekend. Alot of crashing when zoning and people not able to login

A lot of my friends are under the lag today! You need to send a petition ingame, by all means, about your issure with shards and tokens.

I did. A GM answered me very fast, but he can’t take a closer look into it and he can’t help me.

Guess you are Free to Play account - that is a reason of such discrimination.

And in general !!! I am addressing the developers, all of today, coupled with the weekend, many players experience unusually high ping. React !!!

ping has been high since they’ve moved their servers to the US!

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