Community wanted! Synthrax (PS4)

We here at Synthrax are looking to open a 70 man server PvP/Raiding/FFA Loot drop 24/7 is the idea behind the server. Admin will be there for creation of monthly events and raids, heightened EXP gain with a mild to moderate increase for crafting and gathering respectively. Large clans are welcome, 12-15 is the ideal size we would look for, as well as smaller clans that network and ally for group raiding.

We are going to hold opening the server until we can find at least 50 players that would like to begin on the server. After the forming of the community we would set a date for the server to go live with all parties participating well understanding the rules of the community.

Please reply here if you are interested, DM is welcome, but I would prefer people to see the thread grow with the community that is growing.

This is for a PS4 platform

Really would help if you mentioned the platform :slight_smile:

thank you! I updated it :slight_smile:


Region as well plz.

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it is Central timezone, but the raiding is 24/7 along with the PvP so I didn’t figure it would make a difference