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Can you update the previous post instead of posting every week (I suspect these are the values for this week) seperate. Just makes it easier on my part since I don’t have to crosscheck and add up all from one person myself.^^


played, dropped (I’m resetting counter after the drop)
NYR e5: 1, 1
NYR e5: 1, 0

NYR story: 2,0

Scenario e8: 3,1
Scenario e8: 5,0


[I will update this post as i add to it]
Date range: 16 Mar 2018 - 12 Apr 2018
Drops / Eligible Misssions: 2 / 247
Drops / Secnarios: 0 / 28

[Note: this is not cherrypicked. This is every eligible mission and scenario I did in this time frame]


I’ll keep on updating my stats from time to time

Missions (main/sabotage): 276 completed - 3 agents dropped
Scenarios : 123 completed - 1 agent dropped
Dungeons (last boss) : 28 blue chests - 1 agents dropped
Regionals (blue chests) : 56 blue chests - 0 agents dropped

Last Updated: April 19th


updated post with report for this week


Since I moved my…base of operation I thought this is a good moment to give a report on how much we accumulated and such thing.

First things first: I am so grateful for everone that helped so far (and everyone that will help in the future):
So far we gathered over 2300 mission worth of data on missions and past 2700 for everything, we nearly have the same amount of agent drops than there are agents all together and it slowly is calming down, with every new bulk of missions and other stuff submitted we get closer to having the exact number.

Some may wonder why I never publish the spreadsheet I have here: I thought I answer that before someone asks. I have some concern that some people will draw the wrong conclusions and will make values that are still changing quite a bit every day into facts. And it ends up with myths of incorrect numbers flying around in the various forums.
This is why I keep it under wraps until I am recently certain that we have a value that is pretty on point on the real value.

If it’s ok with everyone I would like to start sending out reminders per forum message every now and than (week or so). Since we are still a quite countable bunch having as many of you guys updating new data as much as possible really speeds up things. I know some of you pump out crazy amounts I would struggle to beat, at this point an extra big thanks to you, and others help with what they can for which I am grateful, so it kinda pains me to be obnoxious about it but to a degree I have to do my thing to keep the project moving ahead as fast as possible. Even if it means to sound like a broken record.

In that regard excuse me for linking all of you in a bulk (Just simpler…I know some of you update pretty regular): @SinOfTheWolfs , @JBento. @Caerfinon, @DumbOx, @Naat, @GraeQuartz, @MadBadger, @Mr-Pyre, @winteryserpent, @Auligeur


, @sturmhaven, @jcangst, @Antida


Just a note that you might want to consider looking at a potential change in the drop rate. It’s a small data set, but my own drop rate worked out something like
1st - 9th day, 142 SC missions
2nd - 17th day, 292 SC missions
3rd - 20th day, 340 SCm
4th - 22nd day, 367 SCm
5th - 23rd day, 381 SCm

So the first 17 days, 291 missions = 1 drop. Then we have the next 4 drops over a span of 6 days and 89 missions. Quite possible with a low RNG %, but also possible that a week ago they slightly bumped the drop rate.

(No new data over the last 2 days, my internet modem blew up and the IPS guy just came and replaced it a few minutes ago)


I know what you mean if they changed it I probably have even a good guess by how much. If it happened it will move a bit and than start calming down again until it sets on the new value. As long as they don’t change it every patch they still can’t stop us from cracking the numbers.

Btw.Something I forgot. It’s possible that we may get a datatracking mod to make things easier in the future. No promises but I seen some work in progress that looks promissing.


Feb 27 - April 21st
Missions (main/sabotage): 328 361 completed - 4 agents dropped
Scenarios : 4 completed - 0 agents dropped
E1 Dungeon : 2 final blue chests - 0 agents dropped

Updated April 17th April 21st - prior to installing the new mod.
1st agent was on mission 157
2nd agent on mission 194
3rd agent on mission 197
4th agent on mission 251


updated for this week


I’d be okay with occasional reminders.


Yesterday, I got my first agent from the 173th scenario I played on my main since release of the agent system :fireworks::man_dancing::fireworks:


Do you have a how many mission/raids and other stuff you did too…or did you only count scenarios (which by the way is an impressive number and sounds like horrible luck hope the second won’t lets you wait equally long)


No, I have no reliable numbers for missions (those were kind to me though, so I don’t mind the bad streak in scenarios) since I was cycling wildly through the zones.
As for raids, I did story+E5 with the main and story+E1 with an alt for as many weeks as the agent system is live with no drop. That should be six weeks by now, so 24 raids.


I always tell people: “You can start anytime”
Some really are scared that they need to count from the beginning while consistent counting from when you start is far enough.
I sent it to all the others already but for that probably will come some good stuff anyway. The mod community is cooking on a tally mod that automatically does the counting. Not sure when it comes but once that is there I hope people have an easier time with submitting stuff.^^


edit for this week

just a note for possible add on :stuck_out_tongue:
i run mission on 3 different character so take the reroll in consideration for counting :slight_smile:


edit for this week

i keep track of SA quest too ( already added in total count)
i dont know if i had a very bad luck on drop there or if the drop rate are lower in SA


You generally have it seems really crap luck. While you do an insane amount of quests you don’t get a fitting amount of agent drops and I really don’t know why D: Which kinda robs my sleep as I question myself if we murked something up or if you are just a really rare case.
Sry to ask: Are you really counting only action/sabotage missions?


I also run three different characters, but should count the same as 3 different players i would assume