Companions attacks

Anyone found a new companion, to replace Banditt Leader/ Captain, after their HP nerf?
I tested Volcano fighters, and they all seem to be very buggy, did test on Solo and on Official server #1000.
They do one combo, walk slowly 4-5 steps back, then walk in to attack again, and rinse and repeat.
All I tested on, come with 2H weapons, usually Spear.
Even my Banditt leader have this behavior now.
Or have “all” thralls gotten a stealth-nerf??
Before patch my Banditt-leaders worked more or less good, so something has happend.

All are tested under the same conditions btw:
Silent Legion Armor
Sword Of Crom

Yes, that is an old bug, but was more apparent on all, but Banditt Leaders/Captain before patch.
But I have been playing Funcom-games since September 2001, in AO I have 3-5 accounts for 5 years open, so quite familier with the rate the bugfixes come out.
I would love Funcom for once, to stay on a game, until it’s stable, most of the bugs are sorted out, before they move 99% of their dev-team over to 2-3 new games, quality over quantity.

I love Funcom, but bugs are to slow to get sorted out, companions are the Major thing I love to do in the game, did love pet-classes in AO as well, so would love to see some kind of response on the subject, among other things.

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I have been trying various thralls since my Captains went on strike. They work for awhile then bug out. Tested various weapons / shields etc on some. They dont seem to like the oriental style weapons much. Either they doubled the HPs of the FC minibosses or my named thralls just suck anymore at DPS. Using some of the best weapons in game and they take forever to kill them. I feel like there has been a lot of stealth nerfing of thralls lately.

Try switching out the Sword of Crom with another 2H, but not the ones that drop from the final boss in the sanctuary. See if that changes their behavior.


@Megaton238 is right, Sword of Crom is your problem not the thrall

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Not that this does not need to be fixed, but i would like thrall AI to not spam either. Almost should give them a random pause here and there to simulate stamina drain. But just my opinion. Doesn’t bother me too much either way.

No, it’s not Sword of Crom. I switched Sword of Crom to a one-handed sword for Dalinsia Snowhunter and got the same result … she just stands there and maybe now and then takes a swipe at the mob. Same with Cimmerian Berserker.

If you see your thrall backing away from you (and the mob it was attacking), run to him/her and they should re-engage.

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