Companionz NA PC PvP Server Recruiting players and guilds

Midgard 24/7 PvP (PC) (NA East Coast)
New server started on 2/3/2019 with active admin looking for new members to join the server. Currently a smaller server looking to grow and raise our player limits. The community is pretty chill and we look forward to meeting anyone whom is interested in giving our server a shot. New map and all newer and experienced players welcome as are existing guilds looking for a new place to hang out. Admin offer starter iron toolkits should you want them to help your first days on the server to transition abit easier. Also we are in the process of creating a welcome base with crafting stations for those looking to start their journey hard and fast.
=Server Information

  • 30 slot server (subject to expansion)
  • Max player level 100+
  • No wipes planned
  • 24/7 pvp
    = Server Rates
  • x2.5 gathering rates
  • x4 xp rates
  • Thrall processing rates reduced
    = Server Mods (official)
  1. Pippi Mod
  2. Kerozards Paragon Leveling
  3. Primal Armors2018
  4. Warrior Mutator mod
  5. No Skelos Collector (Admin only)
  6. ELITE Armors Only Mod
  7. Fashionist 2.7.0
  8. Pickup+
  9. LTs Compass Minimap
  10. CharEditLite Character editior
  11. PermPaint (No decay warpaints)
  12. Ancient Architect Lemurian Structures
  13. Iron Sickle 14) No Building Restrictions

= Server Title: Midgard 24/7 PvP
= Map: Exiled Lands
=How to join:

  • Discord Link: ht tps://
  • Server IP:

We hope to see you soon!

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