Company Funcom not enforcing Terms of Services on PlayStation official servers

Well I asked around and no one got to comfirm any case of enforcing or banned toxic accounts , there is a guy on pvec in 3042 that block an entire obelisk in g5 and put freezing torrches and block three bases from two different clans and still doing what he pleases. I saw the same in other servers. Im loosing hope to keep playing each time I see this kind of behaviour without any respect of the Term of Services nor consequensenfor them. Then why are the ToS there?

All I know is that every so often some person comes on the forums to say that they are banned and to ask how to appeal.


Well, rare the case didnt see movements at all and I visit over 20 servers on these months with similar situations and check the forums. I say when Funcom says " we have to many official servers" its a lame excuse, they earned millions expecting not taking responsability on online servers, a really experience company should know if you cant keep an order eventually players will loose the motivation to keep playing, so Funcom its fault letting die the game, It’s was a great game, but the concept if something this company cant handle, Im pretty sure if they analize in quantity the people was playing before and now official servers will notice its decaying. They are suppose to be smart, if its true what I think its that they used the budget assign for the game but they dont care about it focus on other games thwt hhe company have. If you want to have an online game take responsability and stop doing lame excuse like we have too many servers. You can have volunteer players throught internet interview and evaluation or people more responsible than the employees you have now assign to re- enforce the temrs of services and should have an actually real feedback to the customer that make a report of what they actually do and not a lame automatic response. If they do this people will do least violationsbecause they will have affraid of consequenses and players will be more motivate it because they see Funcom itsndoing their work. If you dont know how to do it with your budget let me have a meeting with your superiors and I will teach you.

They have banned people last I checked their team said it was in the thousands but permanently or temporarily don’t know just in the thousands

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do you know anyone? where are the official numbers? do you believe it in your experience?

Mention the ToS on the official servers we are on, and you are just laughed at.
So we put up with the crap, I’d like to say FUncom is too busy, but since I have a service ticket in for a month, where I bought a DLC item and never got it.
They sole my money, have fun with enforcing anything.

Have you tried contacting steam, they are the ones who manage the money part? Furthermore, no DLC sells any items just the ability to craft them.

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My solution would be to get some of your friends and start your own server been playing on my wife’s and I server shortly after ps4 game came out find 10 people to spread the cost 20 person server gets cheap I also play on other private servers of people I have met you don’t have to rely on Funcom to police your server. If you want to keep undesirable people out of your server lock it. Just don’t give up to JERKS you let them win that way. You encounter that type of people in real life and online stand up for yourself. Not berating you been through bs myself just trying to help. And they do ban people. Good luck to you and your friends. @Rp950179

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I understand, but its not the important thing here. Its honoring your word, official servers are there because Funcom decide to make a game online, but they dont know how to manage properly , there were thousands of people playing and the game had a good concept but they didnt learn about other online games that been there for years and still succesful, they just letting the game decay and they could get more of it, but they need to attract and keep their online players if they want to get more profit and one thing is honoring their terms of service and feedback their players , not only the ones that got banned, but also the people that report to know they are listen and enforcing that message that says" you will not know if your report will be listen or we dont tell you the results its a lame excuse to say we will do nothing or we are too lazy to do something in your case but you will not know because we gonns pretend we are doing something and its a shame.

Well i have some questions. You say that you play official correct? Which one? Almost all the ps4 official servers are dead. The population is very low, how can you have building issues? I do understand that some people try to block varius spawn areas but the decay system is do fast there that they gave to replace every day, believe me very fast they’ll grow tired.

funcom is silent … server 3553 (ps4)

YouTube link:

Stelagel, I will not say wichone, the reason: its not the issue here, of course they are dying, because Funcom its not doing their work, stop defending what you cant defend, its not only this official server, I was on 8 different official servers and its happening the same. They are not enforcing they own rules, that the reason people leaving. I will not repeat myself, I can show you different pictures like examples around different server of only one persona blocking and overclaiming territory ajd nothing happen.

The decay system is one week and you can keep structure just passing one time on a week, I dont need to explain myself, if you are not playing an official server on ps4 then your opinion here its irrelevant to the real issue, Funcom not enforcing terms of services, that one of the principal reaso n the population is decaying but this is something they could fix.


If we can add voices to these.complain maybe Funcom or anyone could listen and think about its, that what I made this just for light any brain left in Funcom to see if they think about it

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One year ago I started in this forum creating a thread about the “chaos in the official servers”, complaining for similar things. Back then we had really good population and the servers were extra laggy too. In this forum I had a lot of times fight about streets that unite the noob river with the frozen areas. I had several disagreements about the size of buildings, because I ve seen real artists in this game and spectacular architects doing massive constructions but soooo beautiful, that I didn’t care how much land they claim to do it. Still I ve witness these beautiful buildings to decay and these streets too because ps4 is left behind and the servers have no population now. I don’t defend nobody here my friend, I am just sharing my 22 months experience in this game :wink:.

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The6 listened to my report on the server was playing, the toxic player they removed all his structure. They did their work on this one. was blocking the obelisk and two clans, Thanks for listen,


Thanks for letting us know , very few people comes back to the forum once their problem is solved to thank “publicly” funcom , and this kind of information gets lost and only complaints is perceived . I have always sent people with evidence to the right way to report an issue ( Private message / screenshot evidence , ect … ) with the conviction that it will help them ( since they helped me in the past :wink: )

could you mark your post as solution ? so all can see ?

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It is great to hear a positive response . Same goes for people with other issues would be nice to hear if there problems were solved after alot of people spent time helping or attempting to help.

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