Compass on Screen

I would like to suggest having a compass somewhere on screen to many times while I’m in the north exploring I have to stop and look at the map to make sure I’m going in the right direction


I think this would be awesome. Im sure the compass was invented during the time period too

well it might help to have a craftable map which would not block the whole screen (more like 1/3) so you can still walk and watch the map- but only while using it as every other tool too- if a compas should be added - please make it somehow alternative to switch on / off or like the map as an extra craftable.

Would be pretty neat to have the map as an item, sort of like how Minecraft does it (based on what I’ve seen at least) where its technically filled with “fog of war” and as you have the map out, you can see that it gets “filled up” and discovered as you walk along :slight_smile: just my thoughts at least

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