Competition: Explorer's Rush - find to win!

Greetings, fellow Exiles!

Take those dusty old shoes out of the wooden box and get ready for a long run - announcing “Explorer’s Rush”, a small in-game competition of exploration. For fun, for laughs, and for real prizes, join today and beat everyone else to three hidden shelters in the Exiled Lands:

They have been built on the Public Test Server - PvP - Exiled Lands, Region: EU by character named “Brystera” and are awating to be discovered by you!

Here’s what you have to do to win a prize:

  • make a character on that server if you don’t have one already
  • find one, some or all of these hidden buildings
  • take two screenshots of the building you found - an overall one where the building is visible in its entirety and one of your character standing by the signpost at the door (the message on the signpost must be readable)
  • post your screenshots in this thread - the first one to upload wins the prize for that building

And the prizes for each discovery are:

  • Sandpit Shade - $20
  • Broken Oar Nest - $30
  • Stormreach Cabin - $50

All locations are reachable by level 0 character with no gear. But beware - besides the vicious beasts that roam around, you may also encounter me or other players that may try to kill you. So keep your finger on that dodge button and keep rollin’ rollin’ rollin’ rollin’!

The competition ends on Sunday, June 18, 1 PM (13:00) UTC so make sure to upload your screenshots by then.

If you don’t want to/cannot send screenshots, you can position your character in the doorframe (each building has only one) and post the coordinates. Please refer to this thread on how to show the current coordinates in-game. A deviation of up to 100 units in each dimension will be allowed. Screenshots are preferred, though.

Only screenshots/coordinates posted here will be accepted - everyone must be able to see you were first. Please adhere to all forums rules regarding uploads.

Winners must have a PayPal account to receive their prize (sorry, don’t have other payment options).

I apologize to anyone who cannot participate because of their choice of platform or lack of space to install the Public Beta Client. The idea just came to me as I was testing the upcomming Age. If there is interest in the competition, maybe we can do it again later but better so more people can somehow join.

If Funcom locks/closes/deletes this thread, the competition is off. I don’t want to break any rules here.
I am not affiliated with Funcom in any way and the purpose of this competition is just to have fun with fellow players.

Good luck!


Three days are left, in case anyone would still want to participate.

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Time’s up. No winners. Thank you to those who participated.

The fact that you’re not out $100 makes you the winner, yes? :+1:

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