Competitive pvp in Conan can it exist

I don’t think it’s what the majority wanted, but what they wanted to try.

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Yup, I can see myself saying all the same things as you just laid out there. And CE is certainly NOT Apex Legends - it’s at the other end of the spectrum all together. I think the CE model forks the avenues of play to encompass the social, or risk the tedious time sink you’re referring to here. Basically clan up and embrace division of labor and teamwork or spend too much of your life hacking on rocks and trees - and all that scales vertically and horizontally as one would expect.

All that could be boiled down into a statement like: PvP in CE sucks for solo and buddy clans - for a lot of gamers.

All true! And it even seems to be getting worse as FC “improves” things. There are many solutions to this of course but the ones I think need the most attention are those which concern the social aspect of gameplay - grouping, friending, clanning, and so forth. All there is right now is “Invite To Clan” which usually returns a “Already In Another Clan” message (even if solo), and it all ends there. Or it’s never attempted because of the responsibilities you’re assuming by so casually adding a clan member. Many if not most gamers are social-klutz so the game chat solves almost nothing in that regard. I’ve suggested a few times now that CE needs a friend system or an alliance system of some kind.

If you could easily add friends and then set levels of share and trust I think it might solve a lot of the concerns being discussed - maybe - LOL. Right?

Long-press “E” on player → Wheel → Invite to Friend.

Then something kind of like the clan member levels (but not), we could have:

  • → - See my location on the map.
  • → - Allow Property Access (doors & gates).
  • → - See Inside unlocked containers.
  • → - Manipulate unlocked Container Content and use unlocked Benches.
  • → - Control Thralls.
  • → - Manipulate Placeables.

Or whatever else might make sense. But oh well, “wish in one hand…”, because FC’s commitment to this game at this point seems to be limited to things like limiting player interaction with building part latch points, thrall emotes, and pretty DLC. So, while this is what I think ought to be, the chances of anything even close to it materializing, well just consider the second half of that phrase… :frowning: It’s action and substance which fills a void and FC (it seems) produces too little of either - or maybe my expectations are too high or patience too low?


Nice idea. I need it for pve too.

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Right, yes. I try not talk about one without considering the other.

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The only viable options are either crafting or theft. Therefore, two lower-end players used to try and creep up on the higher-end ones. But this is no longer a thing because we are way overpowered.

It used to be we stay away from anyone under 60 who’s making a go on the server. Now we say Level 60 + 14 days past decay. Even at 60, you’re toast.

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I agree, building should not be instant. But it is way too easy to offpine wipe, esp. now with ToS building restrictions. So sinking 30 hours into building a base only to be undone in 2 hours while i grieve a loved one, have a tea party with my daughter, take my grands9n to a AAA baseball game means i cant participate in one of the three game styles. if i only had to spend 8 hours to build my base, i can then participate inline in melee more. That is all i am saying. Current raid is all or nothing lifestyle wise, so the numbers are goining to stay low pop.

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I guess after reading all of these and realizing that the PvE element is crucial for the CE experience, should it even be considered competitive pvp? The more I think about this the more I am believing…no it shouldn’t because you loose so much of the game and you gain a crappy competitive pvp that is highly exploitable that can only be “fixed” with near redesigning the entire game to suit this concept of competitive PvP.

However there isn’t a good fix to this because it was marketed as PvP and that draws in competitive playing. In other words, it’s not the players’ fault to come in as win at all cost because the marketing department decided to us the acronym that specifically points to this play style. This should never have been billed as PvP because of the expectations of the players and the amount of work to correct each and every aspect of failure because the product design was never to PvP but to play CE (which we all agree isn’t a PvP game as is-which that in itself is shockingly confirming) .

I don’t think we need to redesign as much as redefine and therefore expectations are not spoiled in either direction.


This took just a tad over 4hrs to build - from scratch:

I was taking my time with this one so about 8 hours in two 4-hour sessions. The mats in this case were harvested while leveling up from zero to sixty over a week or so - just casually playing and spending more time in chat than actually playing:

But if I were already at lvl60 and was actually trying to manage my time I suppose about 4 to 6 hours would do the trick.

I suppose I should mention that within that same “week-or-so” on the same server-pair this was also created:

And by server-pair I mean having a server-transfer stone in each base (on Siptah and EL) and doing server transfers at will without restriction.

These are PvE builds but the way FC is structuring their rules and ToS it’s actually almost illegal not to build a PvE base on a PvP server. Of course after building such base in only 4 to 6 hours you’re basically broke and need to begin farming and stuff to build up some needed supplies.

It’s always a good idea on PvP servers to hide a few chests full of mats here and there. One chest is really enough actually: A chest with 50 slots is 25,000 Hardened Brick, 8,000 shaped wood, and 8,000 Steel Reinforcements - that’s a decent sized base! Alternatively you can premake most of the blocks and I think that might store in fewer slots?

This one makes explosive jars at level 35.
This one has enough to leave an inattentive clan homeless in a few hours.

This one does not know how others PvP, but this one goes for the pain.
Life is cheap, respawns are free.
Buildings require time and resources to restore. Named crafter thralls are so valuable.
The emotional trauma of coming how from a raid to find yourself without a temple? Priceless.

But as for dueling?
Yeah, no.
This one does not think this system is set up well for dueling or even small unit skirmishes as matters stand. To facilitate that sort of play, this one would bulk player HP, increase harvest and xp gain rate significantly, and/or possibly wipe servers every month or so.


Why does this seem read like a negative. I don’t understand why everyone avoids pain. How else do you learn?

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Some desire an “honourable” stand up fight between equals.
That is fine and good. Let them meet on the field of valour to find glorious death or glorious victory.

I do appreciate that this game facilities (with variable success) multiple varieties of PvP.
One’s way may not be another’s. That is ok.

Also, in specific, this one targets not nice people and does not nice things to them.
It is not exactly what most would consider positive, and this one does not squander sugar coating words.

Bah waste of time and energy that could be spent on the next build site.

As far as not nice things…fine I get to keep the $50 then, right? BTW the safe word is nurgal. :wink:

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You shouldn’t be so dismissive. The Brythunian is a philosopher. You’re probably already amazed what walks of life kick around on a server, and what one can observe by (in my case) being an amiable foil on my Zarathustrian High Horse. The moment one of my favored friends is hurt, all hell rains down.

The great thing about Conan Exiles, if I had to place one on it, is that you can choose the warrior or queen or king you wish to be. Like in the Art of War, often the most passive stances enable a strong and fulsome backlash. And every server can be different, with a new arc. All that used to be possible.

I was trying to be sarcastic because everyone knows i’m a builder type but there is good sparing combat. What i can’t stand it sparing combat used only as a distraction to get janked by the rest of the clan…you know the 99.999% of all combat on CE.

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Yeah. I used to try and temper the serious PVPers on the forum when they complained about balance, by reminding them that this isn’t really a balanced PVP game. It’s biggest strength is as an open toolkit for roleplaying. Now I see that they were more like me than I thought; they just have a lower tolerance for imbalance, and I think I’ve now reached mine.

We all like different things about games. Some people get annoyed when they don’t always have a chance to win. Other people get annoyed when someone with much worse gear can defeat them and take their stuff. Both are fine, just different. Conan as a toolkit tries valiantly to cater to everyone, but I can’t see how these two playstyles can ever be reconciled in the same game.


I think it can be fixed the real goal is what is end gear set stats

Then find gear that’s reasonable, I think t4 thralls drop gear should be epic gear.

By collecting armor you can skip huge chunk steps of farming.

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It can in a mature gaming environment where the story of the server (as dictated by the players) is the goal. This means self restraint on the veterans and perhaps this is the main issue here. Veterans need to self restrain but that means we don’t get the luxury of just playing.

Crafted armors are always better since the patch that changed crafting.

Bladesmith and Shieldwright will always give you better gear.

More elaborate server settings.

Unfortunately even that’s not going to have much affect on Official Servers until they begin offering more than three types.

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