Complaint players clã Server 4521pve

we are having a problem with server 4521 in latin america, with a clan called Chestersons that spread temples of gods everywhere in order to not let other players build, preventing the server from asking the ■■■■■■ to send an adm so that he can remove such temples because many are stopping playing for this, I am already the second who denounces this here I hope an answer because I bought the game and I have the right to play without impediments due to the ignorance of other players thankful!

Good luck trying to get them to do anything about it, ive seen tons of complaints of this nature and they dont do anything. Weve been having the same problem on an official server and have been met with silence or “go to another server” as responses. When i said i want a refund because people like you describe are ruining tge game for others i was told to go to tye service provider in otherwords xbox, they didnt offer to help or even look into the issue, people who break the rules suffer no consequence. But heres hoping for your sake they listen! :v:

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