Complete disrespect by the Funcom staff

Sad that I make a post about the bug where bombs are doing no damage and people start also talking about their frustrations with the game and Funcom and instead of taking action they close my post after two days so no one can comment. I will never purchase another Funcom game it’s sad and I bought this game years ago and just repurchased it for myself and for my son to play with him and it’s a disaster I can’t even pvp and raid bases because the bombs do no damage. But instead of helping we just get ignored and our posts get locked with no response


If you’d post less inflammatory and insulting messages, they wouldn’t get locked. Constructive criticism is more likely to be listened to than rude whining


Aaaaaa What are you on about? :slight_smile:

You have one active bug report in the xbox section that isn’t closed…
It’s completely useless btw as for one it doesn’t use the bug report template so it will be discarded by staff when they DO read it… and it doesn’t actually contain any usable information.

I’m not aware of any “bug” where bombs don’t do damage… if your server is set up properly and you have an active raid window, then they very much do damage… so it’s most likely user error on your part and you need to double-check your server configuration instead of just restarting them.

If you really think there’s some bug, then you need to provide clear reproduction steps and screenshots of your server configuration showing that you have raiding enabled (keep in mind your server might be hosted in a different time-zone so the raid window of THAT time-zone will apply regardless of where you live)

And @Jimbo above is correct, if you want to achieve results then you need to put more effort into your posts… this is not McDonalds…


Might I direct you to the bug report format that is pinned at the top of the bug report section of the forum. Two questions that pop in my mind to get out of the way immediately is 1) Are you sure you are on a PVP server and 2) are you sure you are in the Raid Time frame (and keep in mind servers are in different time zones so one server may not have the same time as another)?

Outside of this. Like any other aspect of customer service, how you address people dictates how people address you. You failed to follow the methods and your complaint was rude, hostile, and insulting. So yeah, you get the official corporate handbook measure of grace they are allowed to give. If, however, you address them professionally and with the assumed common intent of making the game experience better for yourself and for all others after, you get a lot more leeway.

Also it doesn’t help that your post got swept up into this “White Knight” vs “game trolling” BS that has been going on since…well 2019 (from my recollection and probably before my time) . Your original complaint got lost in the noise of the taste great, less filling arguments.


:disappointed: Courtesy shouldn’t have a price tag.


It wasn’t a reference to the price though :slight_smile: I totally agree with that.
It was a reference to all these “public freakout” videos you see all over the place where entitled customers barge into McDonalds demanding to speak to managers and free food because they had a little too much ketchup :smiley:


yeah…this reminds me of…

And thank you for clarifying. I didn’t want that to just sit there.


At least check out “The Longest Journey” and “Dreamfall” at some point if you haven’t. :+1:

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Ah, the good old days of Ragnar Tørnquist. He later went to form Red Thread Games and made “Dreamfall: Chapters”.

Although, I have to confess that I was thoroughly disappointed by his decision to leave April Ryan dead, instead of making her Lady Alvane (and tying up the loose ends with Draic Kin). Still, it was nice to get some closure.

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You clearly didn’t see the last scene with April in the Chapters epilogue. :roll_eyes:

Wait, what? I remembered waiting until all the chapters were released and then playing the whole thing. I remember there was an epilogue where it was revealed that Saga was Lady Alvane. Am I misremembering? Should I go replay the Chapters?

If you’re telling me April isn’t really dead then I’m definitely playing it again.

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Yeah, I donated to the kickstarter campaign, so I played it chapter by chapter on Steam, but then played the final version that was released on PS4 later. If you played the original PC release, you might have missed stuff. They didn’t send out my Mac hard disc version of the release until they completely finished it. Sadly, my Mac was so out of date by the time it was released, it’s now a very rare, very expensive collectible. :rofl:


Yep, me too! That was the first game I helped Kickstart :smiley:

That’s probably it. Definitely gonna play it again!


Lol it’s my ONLY kickstarter! :rofl: what tier did you do? I did Dreamer tier for the hard copy. Pretty pricy, but it was cool.

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Digital Dreamer here :smiley:

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Ah, ok… so you missed out on this cool stuff! :rofl: it’s all good though. Every bit counts. It’s just too bad they didn’t get to the Longest Journey Home objective. Would have loved to see the final story for April. Maybe some day. :weary:

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