Complete lack of Purge events

On this, this is or will be fixed soon. We’ve had to remove the notice on the wiki with the explanation for that one.

I second that Purges are working on some officials. We live on official 1808. We are successfully (as in they actually show up and do damage) attacked about twice a month. I actually had one hit while I was on tonight, north of the Salt Flats. Three waves of skeletons. I believe the warning was “An undead spirit approaches”

Soon, or soon™ ? It’s certainly been quite a while already with no purges. Hopefully not much longer.

Lol, Ark player detected.

Not at all. Soon™ is much, much older than either Ark or CE.

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The Ark devs used it a lot, promising patches for the next week that would come months later.

We know that the Purge isn’t currently working as intended and we have a coder looking into it. He’s made some changes to how many “Purge points” you get per action and how often they’re doled out to players (they were currently a bit too low, which caused the Purge bar to barely move). He’s also looking into the different way the Purge tracks who’s online and who’s not when the system chooses who to attack.

We’ve informed Gportal about the spelling error and they corrected it. Our QA guys are running several tests on the Purge to see how it performs and have managed to trigger the Purge several times. The spelling error is not the main issue with the Purges.

There will be changes rolled out to improve the Purge.

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If the spelling error was already corrected that was not the cause, as I already expected. There are still no purges. What broke the purges was something you did on the patch where you changed the purge mechanics. You just need to undo what you did then to change the mechanics and everything will be fine as it was before.

Purges need a good testing & fix, do they only target 1 clan at a time when triggered or can there be multiple of them at the same time which is needed anyway. Gods are still unbalanced as ever turn them off until U hire someone with a idea of balance, the new god can attack things inside the inner bubble, you can also dupe the arch priest which is prob the hardest part to get. That god can wipe a T3 in 2 hits an his attack covers prob 10 foundations deep worth its a joke.

Some many problems with this game.

I’ll pitch in here too.

What Funcom needs too do at this stage is up the levels of the Purge event so that older players like me have something usefull to do and remove the zones that they use to use before.
For that simple reason not all move up to the north in time, I never did, I stay’d put at the Noob River and I’m still there, I like the area so I opted to stay, I’ve had 1 single purge and since that followed the old rules I had some Imps attacking me. to me that’s a complete joke.

You Funcom needs to alter the purge so it can detect either how long someone been in the game OR what type of buildings you have made. Not all build in T1 just because they opted not to move up north or Jungle.

OBS PVE Server!!

We have had a lot of takes in game about the purge then it comes and what’s needed to break thrue the outer defenses. For me I picked and Island to build on, altho it does have one fixed way over that you can “walk” too it’s guarded by 20+ Pets, 15+ Thralls, then the “purge” needs to pass thrue 2 T3 Gates and just to be meet by some 15+ Greater pets, and a bunch of Thralls, not to forget the 30+ Vathis I have stored along with pre-made armour for them. The only thing that might come close to do some damage would be a Avatar or Worldboss in my case, even IF they would opt to spawn on the Island, all buildings are T2 or T3 and a massive amount of pets and Thralls guarding it.

So you need to UP the Purge since it’s been so long, most of us have had WAY to much time to reinforce our homes a little to much.

As for Vathis the Heir something up at the Volcano, at 6150 HP, he’s WAY to powerfull as a single thrall in this game, give him/her Epic Flawless and a decent weapon and you can stand at the side line and do nothing and how do you really expect ANY purge to do something usefull at all if ppl like me have T3 Buildings and 30+ of them then the game sends Imp’s and Imp Boss just becouse I opted to live where I like too and not were you are “expected” too live. ?.

All in All, Make the Purge ALOT harder for all so it does damage and clean up the servers, and while you are at it, NERF the Thrall Vathis… NO single Thrall should have 6150 HP that you simply go up to the Volcano and club stick in a wheel wait 30 min, club one more and repeat and you have an army no one can beat.

sincerly from Sweden

Problem with that is that it would depend on the Purge being WAY smarter than it currently is, or it’d curbstomp newer players, who don’t have an army of Greater Pets and probably don’t know what a Vathis even is.

That said, I do agree - the Purge is the PvE endgame (such as it is), and it would be great if it could somehow pose a credible threat to established players and newer ones alike. Currently it’s broken, but prior to that the only threat it posed was the fact that it struck while you were offline and your thralls are idiots - the event itself was easy enough.

It really needs a re-think from the ground up IMO, though obviously that’s easier said than done.

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One thing I have on SP is that the purge meter seems to run on some catchup timer.
I looged off yesterday, right after a purge, meter reset.
Now this morning the meter is near full again.

As no other features are working when not playing (wheels, workstations)
this seems to be a verry odd thing. I have to kill the purge off nearly everytime I start playing.

We’re also going to look at different ways we can improve and update the siege/raiding mechanics in the game, which includes avatar damage.

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Not really.

Keep the system as it is today, T1-T3 on the map.

Simply ADD
Player 1. level 20 river side, purge = T1
Player 2, Level 60 River side, Purge = T3
Player 3. level 30 North, Purge = T3
Player 4. level 30 Desert Purge = T2

So make it depended on the level the player is, not ONLY based on where on the map the player “lives”


So what about clans? Average level? Random level? Highest level in the clan?

Yes, any question I come up with I’m sure you can answer - but it all adds up to exactly what I said: The Purge system would need to be a lot smarter than it is today.

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True it need to be smarter still the simple and a working one is what I just said.

As for a clan, if possible make it a happy middle but I would go for the highest ranking level since if you don’t we are back at the same issue again, high level live in low level area on the map.

Beside, most in a clan can always help out and defend, you can still toss orbs, move Thralls, place new ones and so on. so not really an issue.

I was in that once, in a different game many many years ago, I played crafter and our city was attacked.
They all came out to defend it and there I came with 2 droid arms, pure Crafter no combat skills what so ever.
The Guild leader asked me, what are you doing, you will die, I said, I know I will, don’t matter I live here too and I will defend our home no matter how many times I die.
Said and done, I did what I could to defend my home and our city.
So you see, level is not the issue, you can still help, even if that will cost you your life in the end.

I think you’re failing to take into account the many different ways people play this game. It’s not at all uncommon to have all clan members have their own stronghold, that they build and maintain. Sometimes a few clan members play together, but the rest have their own. Other times they all live in a communal one.

Any, all or none of those clan members may be online at any given time.

Creating a Purge that is challenging but not overpowering in all these cases seems well beyond the current capabilities of the system, even when it was working.

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Well it might too late by the time you get around to it. How come some gods do some much compared to others, say the SAG god can attack outside the inner bubble with out getting killed & its attack does alot of damage an in a massive arch so most bases even if theres 500 tier 3 blocks or more involved are just deleted, people dont mind gods doing damage but not like this, not when theres very few ways to defend against it. Also some people have arch priests for SAG ive seen 10 a night summoned by the same clan its either a dupe bug or they getting very lucky with spawn.
Gods should be alot harder to farm 500 zeal is easy to get arch priests are easy with bug spawns/dupe, damage far too much with little defence, everytime ive seen a god it bugs out the defenders an you cant do anything but relog lol.

I want the game to be in a good place but funcom take so long to test/update make changes, I have over 1400 hours in conan prob 800 from release have had purge meter capped many times yet Ive only had 1 purge with wolves when any1 was online.

Ideas for siege defence could be ballista attached to cren spike walls like boiling pot which does nothing at all as well, which can attack ppl an gods. Vaults should also be buffed in Hps we could blow 20 a night if we could find them, if you worried about vault spam then make a high tier vault that costs 600 star metal + some other rare resources so they are expensive or have so each vault has a limit how many u can put in a space like the shrines have a 8 block radius limit etc so people cant build them close together.

The way this game is going to wont be any players around to see what is like when you have got around to fixing an balancing things.
I use to play US servers & even there its hard to find populated ones but will keep a eye on game see what happens.

Ps Fire the guy/girl who is in charge of balancing.

They should have made it so a clan can only have one named thrall deployed at any given time, they use to have it like this im sure I remember getting the message.



Thralls need so much help to be useful and the named thralls aren’t really that great. Pets and thralls are right now bumbling idiots. They cannot get around each other. They never attack right or even remotely defend your base, especially from elevated positions. Right now the named thralls are the only ones I break on the wheel. Allowing for only one is not fixing anything.

Archers sometime attack together or separately or not at all, especially in large groups. It’s like they cannot figure out what to do. They run over to do something but end up either in the way or gumming up the works somehow. I’ve had thralls shoot poison to kill my other thralls and themselves, I’ve had thralls running back and forth as if on patrol but instead are confused on what they are even doing. Those same thralls cannot carry enough arrows to even defend a wall they are put on either(stack size crap and inventory space), again elevated positions suck as they cannot see over the wall or floor they are standing on.

I’ve had rocknoses just die because they cannot attack or are too dumb to attack in time. I’ve lost recently 30+ rocknoses to a semi-smart player who would side-step them. With the archers the same player would just building block them from shooting if they’d even work in the first place. Then they’d kill themselves. I feel like the ai is smarter before you have them under your control and even that’s not great. Archer’s have endless arrows and fire like a machine gun until you break them on the wheel.

There is no balance in this game, a perfect example is how strong a named thrall is to kill before and after broken on the wheel. I’ve had three named thralls that have the same name, broken, attack an unbroken same named thrall and all loose to the same guy!

I don’t even worry about the purges anymore as they never work and if they did they would probably be another aggravation to deal with bugs and lag wise.

The siege mechanics are completely dumb, you cannot use weapons to do anything, come on 1 damage??? There are no siege weapons like a special hard to make or expensive siege hammer? Your only options are a trebuchet which breaks too fast to be useful, orbs which take waaaay too long to be of use unless you have patience like the 1 damage weapon thingy(not 10 damage even?). You have gods which is a mixed bag. Then you have explosives, which are really the only way to siege or raid in most peoples minds. I’ve had thralls unable to stop a single player from setting off 10+ explosives on a wall and get away. So again, thralls suck and are not helpful. I do feel like if I had a couple camps worth of high level thralls unbroken he would have been dead before planting the 1st 5 bombs at least. If a player is outnumbered by pets or thralls it breaks immersion that the player can still blow stuff up loot and get away scott-free. If 30 rocknoses and archers armed with poison arrows cannot work to stop a player from raiding/siegeing, I do not think 10 named thralls would be able to stop this player either.

I agree having the boiling pot do something would be nice and making the siege more fun. Vaults need more HP and I like the radius idea so they have to be spread out like the alters.

How about a second hotbar(PC)/radial (consoles)

Can we get a second radial like RDR2 has where you press right bumper to go to the next 8 radial slots. I mean come on its a pain to constantly swap out the items in the radial on Console and usually ends in your death. Also, maybe an easier way on console to delete foundations and whatnot.

Fixing the thralls is very important for Pvp and even Pve when it comes to a working purge, taking away stuff is not fixing stuff.

I’m sorry if I got off topic and long winded…