Complete the thrall list in spawn humanoids

Game mode: [Online dedicated server]
Problem: [Misc] the spawn humanoid list isn’t complete, and if a player notices a thrall is gone randomly I can’t respawn that specific named thrall for them. Requiring the player to have to go find that specific thrall again.
Region: [North America]

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. make self admin
  2. open admin panel
  3. check spawn humanoid list
  4. find that specific named thralls are missing from the list.

Spawn all the t4s using the menu. Their names will show on the item. There should be a list somewhere too for you to use as a reference of t4 thralls spawn codes

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I clearly stated that the list wasn’t complete, but you replied with just spawn them from the list somewhere. Please don’t reply to posts without reading them, and don’t reply if you don’t know. It’s just a waste of my time.


The list is complete, but many of them are labelled as t4. For example Mei the blade is Lemurian Fighter T4 in the list.

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