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For the last 3 weeks me and TWO friends have been playing on Official 3600 just trying to enjoy the fact that there is a populated server. Today we were wiped somewhat by an “alliance” of literally half the server(25 total people in this “alliance”). All of them blatantly use the 50 stat glitch(As noted by the fact they all wear Silent Legion, double jump, sprint longer than I have been able to in Light Armor with 50 grit, take less damage from me when I have 50 str and I take a HUGE amount of damage when Im high Vit(40 or more). This has been beaten over and over here on your forums and as a dedicated player I’m highly aggravated at your lack of doing anything about it, and also highly ashamed of giving this game so much of my time. People specifically call out what servers and who is doing what. I could understand if literally every server from 3000 to 4000 was being called out, but there are a few SPECIFIC troubled servers that you can’t BOTHER to check out? Give me a break. Your ability to help the community is now beyond Bungie status and your lack of give a S**t is on par with that abysmal game No Mans Sky.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Play this game
2.Allow a bunch of teenage bullies to get their validation through your broken PvP and copious glitches
3.Respond with "we know(but dont care)


That is weird…I thought it was 5 guys and 220 bombs. With no legion gear in the cold, and no exploits. In future put vaults farther apart so bombs won’t damage both…PVP server aren’t meant for everyone and crayons and safe spaces I guess are needed sometimes…your friends at Fluffy Bunnies :slight_smile:

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No it wasn’t “5 guys”. It was you 3 seemingly unkillable kids who had the 2 most blatant cheaters in the server show up, all the while the rest of your 30 man alliance is using the 2000 bombs offline raided from cats meow which was not only video clipped but verified by the bombs left over that didnt detonate. So now that you’ve all tried to take us out completely every day for a week, I have to ask, what is it like knowing all 20 of you kids went up against a clan of THREE people who are all work right up until raid hours and only resource while were being attacked relentlessly by you griefers? Yall got such a small portion of what we had made and accomplished as a group of THREE. And it took your clan, kingslayers clan of 8, black lotus clan of 8(+2 with those idiots from Rar) and war machine who’s got to be maxed at 10 now? To even make a DENT in us. The fact is you guys are all typical server bullies. You guys started attacking our map tables for no reason before we ever made a single bit of contact with you and then when we retaliate you guys cry to king slayers. Rar stole from us constantly when we were both just starting on that server, we retaliate against Rar and the cry to black lotus. war machine attacks a clan of guys that aren’t even level 60, we help them out cause they’re outnumbered and BOTH black lotus and kingslayers show up. So with that all being said who really lost? We had to 1v6 pvp constantly and were still killing the clowns in your alliance.

tl;dr you guys have an essentially dead server since well over half of the people on at raid hours are “allied” and the remaining folks are noobs or “neutral”. Dont act like you did all that alone.


We smacked you down didn’t we? Please remember for the future put vaults farther apart. Your friends Fluffy Bunnies. :wink:

Sounds like a fun server to be on if you want to die of boredom from not being able to raid anyone cause your all allies ,my clan doesnt do allies cause they just turn up uninvited to raids and take your loot til you have to kill them,now we just purge every clan on a server til were the only ones left on it.:skull_and_crossbones:

Hmm, yeah not contradictory at all, no sirree.


That’s why I got my own server tired of childish pretween adults


Don’t read everything you read…Sometimes people scream cheat. When they basically get wiped. It already confirmed only 5 in the last raid when was wiped. Most clans on server have hit us and we just don’t cry…I mean we don’t run to forums to claim cheats. I would love Funcom to check the logs. Been playing since computer early access and even then knew not to have vaults that close together…play don’t post and will get better at the game I promise. Your Friends Fluffy Bunnies

Hmm don’t believe everything you read :man_shrugging:

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