Comprehensive suggestion for idle thrall training

Hello Exiles and Staff

Be great for you to add a thrall specific placeable structure predominately about passively training thralls, well the ones you just don’t want to take out because the 86 thrall in your list of thralls just ain’t worth the potentially ending of them to wine celler eg.
Training dummy tier 1 - 1 slot for a thrall this could potentially look like a training dummy - animate him like Tyson fury punching the death out of it
|Resources IE. 150 twine|Wood - 300|iron reinforcements - 200
Training Barracks tier 2 - 3 slots for 3 thralls this could potentially be 4 squares required space could potentially look like decrepit bricks in a square with an arch way 1 thrall doing press-ups the other one punching the dummy and the other one with a bow at a target :dart:
| resources IE. Harden brick - 300|Steel reinforcements 75| stone consolidate - 250| shaped wood 200

Training Hall tier 5 slots - 5 thralls, placement basically size of a greater thrall wheel that’s fair
Potentially looks like gladiator training pit am sure your design team can conjure up some cool ideas :bulb:
Resources IE. Harden brick 600| steel reinforcements 350|insulated wood 300|

Among the bricks can JB be etched into the stone to honor someone who has died quite recently who loved the game that would be lovely if this is implemented
Workbench thrall
for all tiers is Taskmaster
Improves rate that a thrall levels up and how quickly
Remember this is for this to be idle so don’t expect it to be quick
Server options can adjusted for for this too

Now I’m torn between allowing thrall looting during the process but I much prefer it upon structure destruction thralls are released this means they can be put in with there armor and weapons

Resources for the COOK (LET HIM COOK)

To be decided the dev team can think of this one I’m just going to state a 3 tiered gruel system tailored for the COOK

Other bits included, other ideas; Subject to CHANGE

levelling up elixir instantly levels thralls can be found in dungeons the premise is for it to be hard to get so it’s not abused. 15% drop rate

different buildings for archer and fighter? I’d much prefer one two will take up more unnecessary space and cause confusion

Work thrall upgrade to tier 4 from tier 3 would be a nice adjustment that come with there own blue mark of chance

side side note,
This is not suppose to replace talking your big boi out to fight and level up your going to do this anyway with a certain selection of thralls then continue to reused the best stat ones and the others are a throwaway usually

Certainly will never replace natural levelling this is great for people who do love the game but just want a nice ease of levelling without having to take each and every individual thrall out

Tldr; for (certain people loool)
Multiple thrall based training structures
Idle thrall training
Saves time :mantelpiece_clock:
Saves the motivation
Saves the energy
Isn’t to protect said thralls
Isn’t to hit rabbits with

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Good morning .
I like this idea, it permeted to upgrade our slaves while making our bases more alive.
I have always interrogated that our slaves could be brought to fight hostile NPCs. pontally without receiving a reward.
Near my base are wild boars that appear along the walls, my archer do what it must do according to my configuration and therefore attack and kill these wild boars and this several times per game session.
Yet my slaves do not receive awards for their actions.
To see if ■■■■■■ decides to change this.
Thank you for these ideas, they are great.
Good continuation, exiled comrade.

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Thank you exile for your support on the idea :slight_smile:

And to those viewing now comments will be greatly appreciated.

As to raise this further with the development team.

Thank you

What is the point of having them if you’re only going to use them to kill rabbits?

It’s the same mentality as saving that one big item “for when you really need it”.
This is what they’re for, use them.

Thrall died? Great, get another. They don’t have to have perfect stats or perks.

You just need somebody to get their face punched so yours isn’t.

You miss understand it’s about the grind of levelling said thralls so they can be used as intended to either die or to survive something you might of struggled with

This isn’t about saving this is about levelling multiple at once.

This isn’t also about perfect stats my suggestion isn’t about god rolls of certain thralls.

The quotation sounded like you didn’t even read it just took this particular comment and commented on it basically to explain in laymen’s terms your thrall that isn’t level but guess what I want to do the wine celler oops he’s dead now this could of been avoided regardless if I had heals or not level 20 is a far better match up then a 5 - 10 - 15 it’s fairly simple to understand mate lol

Also on a side note I love playing this game but I don’t have the time as much neither do a lot of people and other people in general might have a lot of thralls they want to bang on to cook to train makes perfect sense to me :man_facepalming:t2:

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