Conan 3.0 Premades Builds

Are premade building pieces going to disappear?

Yes. They will (supposedly) turn into the mats that were required to make them.

What happen if your body vault full of premades lol.

Does that mean preexisting buildings will decay?

Not sure, I suspect you will miss out on some mats if there is no room for them on your body. :man_shrugging:


I mean what will happen to buildings in the game.


I guess I got to start using premades.

Best to spec up that Expertise attribute because you will be quite over-encumbered.

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Now a really tricky question :laughing:.
After the update, you will not be able to use dlcs you do not own!
Most likely even if you have pieces of other dlcs you will not be able to use them or they will disappear from your inventory!
Now the question!
If you own a build that it is builded with dlc pieces that you don’t own, what will happen to this build?
My experience all these years in private servers, the admin usually had all the dlcs and he/she, was gifting building items to other players so they can build with different dlcs!
Can you imagine what will happen if the items will just disappear :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:, omg :person_facepalming:t3:.
This is going to be really funny.

Nothing will happen to the buildings that are already built, regardless of whether you own the DLC or not. The change that’s coming regarding DLC, is simply that you will no longer be able to give pieces to others and if you don’t own a DLC then you can no longer get those pieces. This change is truly a bummer because if you have something built currently, using a DLC that you don’t own, you will no longer be able to add on to that build using the same DLC, unless you buy it.


Or replace it :wink:. I believe this is the greater reason you will now get all the materials back if you dismantle.
Still, can you imagine the confusion if the building pieces disappear :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:.

Its a little up in the air. They will either stay as preconstructed pieces or be replaced with their material equivalent.

And you will lose some if you are majorly loaded as there is a limit of inventory slots.

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Yah I am maxed out.

If you are maxed with building pieces and they replaced with mats, those slots would be free for mats so…

It all depends on how code is written it is possible that it discards because mats take 3 slot compare to 1 slot build. Also is black ice being returned?

If they do it that way, any material used would be returned. Its possible that if it exceeded your inventory it would be like bench inventory and expand but I havent ever crafted something on my person while full to confirm that.

I did that before and it diappeared. Usually i max my invent with bombs while raiding. Craft and premades.