Conan Admin Tool (CAT) - Server Manager

I wrote this server tool over a year ago for CE and as I didn’t play much CE, my interest left and the project stalled. Since the release version of CE, I’ve had multiple people ask me to update CAT for the latest release of CE.

CAT is primarily for those running their own servers on their own machines. Hosted servers can use some of the features of CAT, such as the player list browser. But until there is a proper way to remotely admin a CE server (If there is now, please point me in the right direction!), what I can do is somewhat limited for hosted servers.

So, here ya go. Please keep in mind that this is an alpha version, so please test on non-live servers. I’m sure there are bugs as picking up a code base from a year ago, I’ve forgotten and missed a few things. =)

You can find it located here… never mind… as I’m new to this forum, I can’t post links. So… if you’re interested, go to www . jff gaming . com and click the Resources link in the top navigation.