Conan Armor - Xbox

I need clarification on something from Funcom. If the game was gifted and redeemed back in December should I have been eligible for the Conan royal armor pre-order offer? I know there was a distribution issue with Microsoft with the codes for the content but this does not address my eligibility question.

To explain a bit how gifting a game works on the Xbox if you dont already know. The person the game is gifted to receives a code for the game. A which point the recipient must redeem the game with that code. In my case I redeemed that code December 17th well before official launch. I assume redeeming the game with that code is essentially the same as purchasing the game. So provided those of us that were gifted the game redeemed their game prior to May 8th we should have been eligible for the Conan royal armor pre-order offer.

Microsoft did eventually confirm the above mentioned distribution error but now that the distribution issue is resolved and I still have not received the code for the content. They are starting to lean towards me being ineligible for the pre-order offer since the game was gifted. However I feel since I redeemed it during the pre-order period I should be eligible for the offer. While any fix on this I understand would come from Microsoft I would really like to know Funcoms stance on this. Should those of us who were gifted the game and redeemed it during the per-order period have been eligible? Ive seen others who were gifted the game in the same boat as I am. If Funcom believes we should have gotten the pre-order offer I would sure appreciate some confirmation from Funcom on this as well as some support in getting this addressed with Microsoft.

Below is an attached link to my original forum. As you can see I’ve been going around and around with people from Funcom and Microsoft for the better of a month and a half. It literally took Microsoft that long just to admit to the distribution issue that Funcom had been alluding too. In any case this had been dragging on for awhile. Now we have a new DLC out and I really want to purchase it but on principle don’t know that I can while this other issue is still unresolved. To me that’s like rewarding bad behavior. No offense to anyone with Microsoft or Funcom but my trust and patronage isn’t given but rather earned. Right now a month and a half into launch and my issue with the pre-order offer has not gotten anywhere and thus I have lost some faith in the parties involved. So please address my eligibility concern. Thanks

Funcom please advise!

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