Conan Atalatin Sword

OK hit level 60 can not make star metal Conan sword in improved blacksmiths bench do I need a Garrison bench can make iron version :thinking:

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Yep, you need a garrison or campaign bench for that one.

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OK thanks for the info have not started over recently thought that could be the case. Now I can make them and pass to others on the server. One the things I can share.


FYI, it’s not any stronger than other 2H swords since it’s just cosmetic. That being said, if the person you’re giving it to wants to transmog a legendary, you can just craft them the iron version and save some material… if you care that is.


Thanks for the tip I have made some what I need next is a Blacksmith. Transmog is great idea put iron version on a dragon bone or legendary weapon I do it with armor didn’t think about Conan sword.

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