Conan being free on psn has ruined the game for laying customers

Both version in my house. Is that odd? Unheard of? As an example I also have Skyrim for PC/PS/XBOX PC versions in both steam and physical and 3 different version of Fallout 4 as well. :wink: Didnt realize that I had to wear a PS4 arm band when joining a conversation :stuck_out_tongue:

Arm band? You mean the headset-compatible embroidered beanie is out?

My internet is very low-end, yet my PS4 doesn’t go through things like this unless it needs a server reboot, a server relog or a re-load of the client/restart PS4.

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Where are they laying down in the pics glitching can you point that out trolls remember you’re commenting on my post so who’s going out of there way here to stir drama up I’m trying to get it know there are cheaters exploits bring used by free players because they don’t care if they get banned they didn’t pay for it so why should they care they are ruining the game for people who actually play

I see nothing in these pictures. Well thats not honest.
So I see a name tag thats either off center or on an invisible person “Daddy”. Is that supposed to be you? Eitherway idc. Um I see really poor graphics; i mean i play on LOW for PC and my images are better than this. And then in the 3rd pic you are thrusting your spear into LightKnightMan.

“The dude in the wall is a npc I clearly must post a nother pic”

Um there are no NPC’s by any other those names in the game. NPC’s also dont have clan tags and only people do.

How about instead of expecting people to interpret your poor images you explain whats happening in the scene? Right? You want to prove a point? You arnt doing it.

And I dont drink koolaid, coffee BLACK, no sugar always and forever. ruff ruff!

That is something i have notice as well, the client restart (ps4). I think a majority of PS4 users always just put the system in rest mode. Many don’t realize, a restart on occasion is needed. It is runs on memory, and restarts clean up some issues. I know, on occasion even my smart phone needs the restart. Not saying this fixes every issue i see posted, but be surprised on how it sometimes is simple things that help.

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Never said that. But you should be sending this to exploit hunters. That is where you report cheaters. And free players are not the only cheaters. Cheaters are a breed of their own, that come from all walks of life.

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For the last time. Daddy church shoot is not cheating or hacking! Your wack console is desynced and if you log out and back in you will see them as you should. Same goes for people that apear invisible or not using a weapon but playing the animations. Now, you can continue to enrage over nothing or you can take the advice of everyone else that knows what a desync causes. Your welcome for solving the mystery for you. Now you are free to explore other mysteries like what caused ur system to desync in the first place. On pc HEAT is a big factor. Might want to look into that.

So every time even after hard restart they still invisible and can still be on server after everyone else gets connect issues naw he is a cheater weather it be a lag switch or cheats he downloaded plus another player seen them all run 5x faster try the server out bro everyone knows they cheaters on the server and if you can’t clearly see the two of them invisible you’re blind they killing everyone on server the same way

Stop and rethink that sentence ROFL! If I cant see something that is invisible I am blind. Well jiminy cricket I must be blind. I cant recall one time in my life I saw something invisible. Nope.

Language barrier I think? Because I am sure you were told that desynce causes this. Lag causes people to look like they are running fast. Lag can cause you to have infinite stamina. I personally run from the mounds to my base out of stamina because my base causes so much lag when loading in that it never registers that Ive ran out of stamina. Yeah. lag switches and hackers. Ok dude. well this isnt the forum for reporting cheater or exploits.

BTW I know you are probably more use to games like CoD or DBD where the entire match is tied to one player. But lag switches dont work like that for hosted servers. If you use a lag switch it affects you and only you. EI your booted from the server because your ping went above 140!

Please don’t mix up the two issues here: one is you think a player is exploiting, and the other is you are demonstrating symptoms of connectivity, hardware or other problems. Are you playing with a Pro or a Slim, using WiFi to connect your PS4 to the web – potentially 802.11n? If so, try hardwire instead. (Barring that, try 2.4GHz connection.)

Use Share and get PS video of the cheating (or do a “replay capture” of the preceding x minutes), and there are about a dozen players in the PS4 Forum or Players Helping Players who can help you get the video, as others have suggested, to Exploit Hunters.

I hope it isn’t odd. We have several versions of the same game in our house as well, since we have several different devices to play one and more than one soul that likes to play.

Stating the problem clearly in the start rather than inviting people to guess would lead to a better conclusion. Invisible players could be an issue on your side of the game. I had seen something similar to this over a year passing…relogging fixed the problem.

I haven’t consumed Kool-Aid® since I was a child. I am also Black coffee forever.

Note: Kool-Aid is a brand name registered/owned by Kraft Foods and should be capitalized.


A weak power supply unit can also cause issues…including excessive heat.

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It’s OK folks…

The free play folk will leave after they start having border disputes in the overly cramped noob river area, get sandstormed and they run out of food trying to heal themselves from the health regen perk being nerfed so hard.

Just bare with it for a week. The numbers will crash soon enough, after they notice that everyone built over the closest iron nodes blocking them from getting a sandstorm mask and the influx of party-gamers start bricking obilisks and blocking off areas of the map.


I’m glad PS Plus released this game, because otherwise I may never have tried the game. I bought the game on PC too actually because the servers are full and also it looks much better on PC anyway. I don’t mind the empty servers, and in fact I chose the most empty server I could find so I could play on official server but kind of offline with just handful number of people around.

Why so many “I disagree” comments? The op clearly did not state anything along the lines of “get rid of them, I don’t want them here” and made a suggestion the sorts of priority login.

I think we ALL agree that the more the better. We don’t want the game to die, obviously, and the more people that can tag along and enjoy it is a plus for us in terms of gameplay and also the game itself to keep it alive.

I do however agree with a priority login.
Why not? I spent 280hrs already on the server I am on. Log in daily and now am in end-game content. Why should I wait for say a dozen newcomers, free or not, to log in at the event that they all crash-land on the server to check it out?

Its not like the suggestion implies to kick already logged in players. But if it has reached the point were there is a queue, then yeah, I totally believe those with the most hrs on said server should get a priority. Not total hours in game, on server alone. I could be new to another server, I sure wouldn’t expect to have a priority over people there that have been on that server for say 6 months.

This leads to multiple servers too. I know it might be too much for some. But I have already set aside a few servers I like and once end-game content and whatever else gets stale on the one I am on I can start playing on the other too. You only need to log in once every 7 days anyway to stop decay, and in any event that there are too many people on a server you can switch up and go to another (or, the opposite too. I actually sometimes switch up when there are too few people on the server and I am in a more social mood to play with others, hence jump onto the another server with more people on it).

I rather think Conan being free on PSN saved the game for this paying customer. I hadn’t played since about end of October 2018 (due to a combination of other games releasing and the people I played with moving on). Three more of my friends picked it because it was free, and a few others returned to play with us on a private server. I wouldn’t be playing now (and buying more DLC) if it had not been released for free on PSN for this month.

As others have stated, the surge will most likely pass, and official servers will go back to your normal.


I got the game for free through Playstation store; however, I just spent the $80. For 2 Eason pass, year 1 & 2… I guess, I’m a paying customer, now?


Server priority is not the answer. It should be first come, first serve. One reason why is if somebody is running around in circles abusing the idle system with a rubber band on their controller they are going to rack up a lot more hours than somebody who is playing legitimately. A queue, although a good idea, wouldn’t help much considering how long a single play session is (especially the rubber band f**kers). You’ll still be waiting hours.
Changing what considers somebody idle (such as how many objects a player interacts with in a given time instead of just standing still), in my opinion, would be the best option until people switch to next month’s free games and the population settles down.

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Or being able to port your character over to open servers. Not your gear, holdings or followers, of course, but your feats and attributes. Another idea is the queue but weighted vs. your playtime already on that server. If a player is truly invested they should be seeded further up the queue. This would at least recognize the game’s core play group which seems to be the issue with displaced players feeling abandoned by the game.