Conan being free on psn has ruined the game for laying customers


Nothing??? So you bought the game and never ever played it. Not one minute?
I am guessinginh you did play/are playing the game, so you got some entertainment out of it. The officials are free to play, so they are first come - first serve. There are private communities that accept people all the time. Try one of those. Some are even password protected to control the population. But saying you got nothing is a very big over statement.

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I do agree with this. Their needs to be a better definition of AFK to fix this on officials.
I have suggested that interaction with craft stations, harvesting, fighting, or possibly tracking the intervals of death in an area. IE, x amount of deaths due to starvation/thirst in same exact spot per x amount of time could catch these people and kick them, possibly ban if multiple offenses.

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Do you’re saying you want to spend money on a game you can’t even play yea not me I want wat I payed for but I guess in today’s f://ed world any logic is sound logic right


“And everyone of you got it for free so I don’t see a problem give me fifty bucks and I’ll give you nothin seams fair to me” --@Freeruinedconan

You state that like you never got anything out of the game. So i was just asking how you are comparing it to giving away 50$ for nothing. You are letting your emotions dictate. And it is okay to vent. but to punish someone else because they got it free, well that is just jealousy tbh. It is not like the only people getting on are the free players. There is a mix.

Can there be some adjustments? Yes–a queue system of some sorts, AFK fix, Level 60’s blow the noobs off the river, help Crom weed out the wannabes from the real PVP players. But none of that will happen overnight. And maybe Funcom didn’t realize that PS Plus members would flock to the game like they did. We are talking about only a handful of PVP servers with high pops pre free-month, to now all PVP servers maxed out. That is a ridiculous–and good- event. I know i enjoy seeing my private i run being near full every day. Teaching what i know to a new generation of Exiles.


It’s all bad planning to me. If you are going to open a game to a huge crowd, be prepared to host that crowd. As some here I’m on pc, and did never play officials, but if the game would become free for pc I don’t think I would mind (beeing on private servers that is), it would be as usual: a flood at the beginning that would settle with time. I think a big part of the players that get the chance to try CE free will end up leaving, thus leaving in game the players that really enjoy the game and actually add to the community.

What I think is funny is how the forums are flooded with ps4 posts, be it bugs, questions or whatever. It hasn’t been so active in a long time… :smile::smile::smile::rofl:


So to get this straight you’re defending the use of cheats to push people off servers such as teleport killing invisible while killing us and then turning them off to do emotes while you watch

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What does that have to do with free players on the servers? Cheaters suck, i agree. But they have been around since day 1. And the paying players cheat about as much, if not more (the free players are relatively new to the game, some can’t even craft epic armor correctly, much less realize how to do some of the cheats). Two subjects that do not link up. No room on server and Cheaters. Sounds like you are having a bad week all around. Hope it gets better.

PS4 Hotfix (15.04.2019) - Treasures of Turan DLC and UI fix

it defends the indefensible here too


I hope this post’s. clears throat going on limited knowledge here, as I came in with the wave of free ps4 players, and I’m still learning a lot. I don’t see what the fuss is about. Can you not pay for a private server? Where you can customize who and what goes on in the server? If a server is open to the public, well… then you shouldn’t get attached to anything you build in that server. Trolls are everywhere. If you want something to last in a server and you don’t want your time and effort smashed by some rando, then play pve, or rent a private server. The free to play months boost this game more than most realize. It’s keeping this game alive. I know it has some things that need work, but I can tell the devs of this game really care about it.


Free, undead thralls, Bryan, Free! And a wizard…

Is the free play on PS4 for only one month or does the game come free and a player keeps playing without paying more?


You own the free PSN games indefinitely, however, you can only access them when your PSN subscription is active. Because of that, Xbox’s free games are superior since you fully own them once you download them.

I prefer the PS4 but it’s definitely a weakness

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Wow, I can understand why someone who paid $40 or more for a game and cannot access their server because someone else got the game free with a PSN sub would be upset. Seems wrong to me for the one who paid. One might argue that the PSN sub is paid for; however, if it worked as it did before I dropped it, a PSN member gets many free things so not exactly the same. I think Funcom needs to handle this type of situation carefully as it could mean no more paying consumers.

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Generally speaking there will be more people pleased by getting it for free than there will be those displaced by the free players. I’m not saying FC shouldn’t further address this issue with things like additional servers or Log In Queues, but at the end of the day I’m almost positive FC comes out on top with this move.


I have a relative who was thinking on purchasing the game for PC because I never shut up about it. Now, he asked, “Should I wait for it to be free to play?”
I say, “You could be waiting a long time.”
He returned, “I don’t mind waiting if I can save $40.”
I said, “It’s your call.”
What other can I say. If PSN members can get the game free and play free for ever after, perhaps he should wait. Might happen.


I never buy games full price. I just wait a year or so then get them when they are on special (hardly ever gotten a good free game). So while waiting for a free game may be an extreme thing to do, there are always plenty of sales going on.

I won’t comment on the OP since I play on my own private server and I am PVE. I am also impressed that all servers are full, that is awesome, but it does suck for paying customers. Unfortunately its the price we pay to get a game last longer than a few years.

They will work something out if everyone doesn’t just leave in a month. Also before anyone starts arguing with too much spirit. Remember you may very well be arguing with a kid…lol

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He can definitely wait it out, but these games don’t go free on PC very often. If they do it’s usually only for a weekend. It’s definitely not a bad idea to wait for a steam sale though


More ppl the better I like a challenge ame was getting boring with someone dropping in every few days


I’m a paying customer have no problem with the overload it does suck to get into the server at times but I get in eventually and I like the fact that we have more ppl playing means more resources for me with less effort lol (ONLY THE BULLIES THOUGH)

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Does anyone else see a problem in this screen shot