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Just was wondering like what I did with ark how would you all like or consider a Conan Cheaters Blacklist where players could put a bounty on a certain cheater or cheaters clan this worked a lot better in ark with the incentive of dinos but maybe we could make this work idk what do you all think.

Sounds like this tool could be used for griefing and harassing. Without an admin or GM to investigate accusations of cheating, anyone could label anyone as a cheater.


The public sharing of player information isn’t allowed. Please refer to this post by our Community Director for how to deal with players causing problems:


Isn’t allowed on the forums… But what people do on their own site is another thing.


It’s what kinda happening already on official pvp servers. Ppl are extremely aware nowadays.

For example Dev’s probably monitor twitch, or twitch streamers are more likely to get banned if they stream openly with undermesh bases, scripting, duping etc. At least ppl are more likely to report it. But what if they stream on different platform, with very different language base.

It’s really bizarre how this game looks on Chinese “twitch”. Number of streamers for Conan looks small, but the PvP crowd really likes playing on Official “Foreigners” servers. And you can imagine how they like to play.

No unfortunately it officially works that all blacklisted cheaters & inside raiders are past into the system by the heads, co-leads of All major clans and I mean major, smaller clans can provide video evidence then it is databased unfortunately it just doesn’t have the incentive so to speak this wouldn’t work on here I am here just to convey a suggestion I also understand the TOS this would be viable to access a “database” on another website, sometimes community however big or small will always have to take it into there own hands since this game has thee worst global moderation of its servers I have ever seen.

I don’t think blacklist will solve the problem tho. It’s hard to manage Official servers coz default admin tools are just bad. Most of the time devs/admins need concrete proof, tp locations etc. And I don’t think they can get this information on their own. Third the most popular mod on steam workshop is server management tool.

Some server settings are just not transparent, for example NPC Damage multiplier. For some reason it works on your thralls/animals as well as PvE content. I don’t even think that is NPC Damage multiplier, it looks like it’s NPC Damage multiplier to Players. Coz of that it’s impossible to set up challenging PvE content on PvP server. 2x thralls damage will make PvP a mess.

90% of players probably doesn’t even check websites. And posts about the blacklist on the forum and reddit would probably be deleted. Most people wouldn’t even know it existed. It’s not like every player would be on a witch hunt the minute a player was listed. And you could make sort of a ranking so you could see how many players nominated a player.

Don’t really know if a blacklist would be a good idea, just saying it probably wouldn’t force anyone out of the game either.

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