Conan & Chill West Coast PVE-C [PC] (relaxed & fun) 2x XP & Harvesting - Official #1823 veteran's refuge

We welcome any exile, especially those from #1823 drama. PvP juvenile griefers and wallers have run off the server population of #1823 and other servers, so we built our own ‘relaxed’, fun community.

If you’re looking for a drama-free, fun, community environment, come check us out. We have 8-10 active players with active admins who are friendly and helpful. We believe in supporting each other and having some respectful PvP fun. Admins run fun events and we get purges ALL the time!

Server setting:
2x XP & harvesting
West coast PvP times
Increased purge activity
No building decay
No thrall or pet feeding
map rooms at every obelisk
Active Discord Server/Channel

Elite builders from #1823!

The elite architects/builders are back! Come visit and see some amazing player structure builds.

No griefers and very active admins, come visit.

Server rank #750 and climbing - very popular server with fun players and active admins: