Conan: Chop Chop is not an April Fools! - E3 reveal trailer and more

the new Conan: Chop Chop trailer.
Conan: Chop Chop has been revealed at E3 to be an actual game! Here are the details:

Conan: Chop Chop - Mighty Kingdom, Funcom

  • Publishing game

  • April 1: trailer was published
    (not an april fools joke, but this was not mentioned at the time)

  • September 3, 2019

  • Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, Playstation 4

  • Rogue-like action adventure

  • Playable version at E3

  • hack-n-slash roguelike with a randomly-generated world

  • features 4-player co-op

  • play as Conan, Pallantides, Valeria, or Bêli

  • death is final

  • new weapons are unlocked each run and can range from “a broom to a bastard sword”

  • moves and combo’s

  • NPCs qith quests

  • mini-bosses

  • final boss: the evil wizard Thoth-Amon.

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Y’know, this logo looks familiar to a few other games. Couldn’t escape it.

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Wait… Wasn’t it always a real game? I thought you could download it and mess with it. (don’t own a phone since i’m mute)

Why would that stop you from owning a smart phone? Practically no one actually “talks” on them anymore anyway.

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45$ a month + 200$ + phone that does nothing more then allow poor internet and text chat…

Not thanks, people can tap me on shoulder for free, and postie notes are hellva cheaper. XD

If i’m gonna throw away 45$ a month, i’ll spend it on games and be angry at Sony and Game Devs for not putting text chat in. XD

And price of decent phone these days… I’ll buy a high end PC or PSV . Or pay my bills. XD


Most people are just paying for the convenience of having internet, email, or text message options on hand even when away from a central location. Unless you are playing games on it or something, you can get a smart phone for like $30 to $50.

Around here? no. We’ve looked. We’ve been trying to get emergency phone for house for sometime.

Land lines were bugging in and out, kept going up 1-2$ every 3-4 months. 10+ auto-mated calls a day, even on no call list for auto messages.
We had a old flip top phone, which was phased out by services providers here. AT&T and Verizon stores by us, have 90-120$ cheap phones, but require data plan thru them.

Walgreens and other pre-card phones are all in 100$+ range here.

My Laptop is HP 2000, doesn’t run very well. Couldnt get IOS app thing to run. (barly plays youtube videos with out acting likes its dieing, lol)

But really thou… My friends can find me on PSN and gamefaqs. Or swing past house if they wanna go get a beer. I’m not in need of a phone.
I do abit of sign language, and most people get it. Pull out postie notes/notepad and BAM. There cool with waiting 10 sec for me to write it out.

And good news, i see ps4 listed. So yays. XD

For the press release, see

That one boss ape in the Trailer looks very familiar from one in the Complete Chronicles.

If you didn’t see the source, I also made a stream summary for the PC Gaming Show. Catch it here:

Any questions are welcome. This one’s from @VoiceofCrom

Q: Does this game have PvP?

A: No.

A short interview has been held backstage - Check it out here:

Just to clarify since you were posting about phone stuff, the game isn’t currently being released on mobile devices. It wasn’t available earlier to mess with earlier (on mobile devices or otherwise), and was simply an April Fool’s Joke (that I’m guessing generated enough of a buzz to warrant them deciding to make a full fledged game).

I’m… not sure what to think about this, on one hand it could be fun, but on the other it could just be incredibly ludicrous. Oh well, at least the other April Fools joke stayed as just that, a joke, I don’t want The Night of Lost Souls to return until they either iron out the issues with it, or Halloween comes around, whichever happens first.

As for this being on PS4, I wonder if it’ll be long enough to warrant having a platinum trophy.

That’s Thak from Rogues in the House, I do believe.

The earliest database entry was April 2, so… :sweat_smile:

That it is as I knew I’ve known about that ape from somewhere but his name sometimes slips my mind.

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