Conan coop problems

How the hell does it work.

Hey @William1980

You will have to be a bit more specific with your question so we can help you :slight_smile:

It dont matter anymore they got a refund. But the problem was even after i searched an opened all the ports on both sides even turned firewalls off i still could not connect to a coop game, i did it vice versa making game etc i used different comps an locations, one of us would create the game save it an load game back up, then 80% of the time when you tried to invite from ingame menu the other party would just get the message someone tried to invite you to conan very rarely would the PLAY button appear to click. When it did you started loading the game then after 30 seconds would say cant connect tried so many times.

Where is the actual conan link that tells you what ports need opened etc, could only find forum messages with guesses at whats needed nothing official. This game is just one exploit/bug an poor balancing after another.

Ever since this game was released with new combat people have been using stam glitches for infinate stamina but nothing gets done. Its been reported so many times.

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