Conan crashes since today

I cant play Conan anymore since today. Yesterday logged out and today the Game keeps crashing. I removed all Mods and repaired it twice but still it keeps crashing even in solo mode with a new Game.

Check your temps.

Could you be more precise. I have no temp folder inside CE. Where could I find this folder within my Steam folder? I have search 440900 for an filled temp folder but nothing.

So interesting seeing this. I am on PVE Conflict. I seem to get a fatal error when I am dragging thralls.

Managed to duplicate it twice. Usually happens when I am sprinting with the thrall.

One time I respawned in the noob area by the Broken Highway. That being said I was capturing “Making friends” with people from the Black Gallion. So that quite a track back.

I managed to recover because somone decent found my corpse and my unconscious thrall and gave them back to me. (Awsome).

I muat have died by the locust thingies when I crashed.

I started dragging again through the Savanna. A tiger chased me so I sprinted. Same Fatal Error. Crash. Woke up in my bed this time. Which was close to my tomb stone.

Finally got the thrall…and realized Mr Horseshoe was useless.


I retried it and now it worked. But i had another crash 10 mins after playing since then it works as bad/good as before.

I am not sure when it crashes because i always let the game work and i do other stuff on the desktop.

This game has always crashed more than an old lady on a rascal scooter in a grocery store on console! So this just sounds like another day to me!

I die more due to Fatal errors than I do in PVP

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