Conan dedicated server closing itself

Been running the dedicated server app on my windows vps and all of a sudden it closes by itself midway through loading. Then the server closes im forced to load it manually. I also dont know how to manyally update all fo the mods witrhout it. Anyone have this problem or a clue as to why? I uninstalled all files and the launcher and it still does it.

Since I do not have a dedicated server, you may want to check this forum topic, which may or may not have an answer for you.

Conan Exiles Dedicated Server Launcher (Official Version: 1.4.6 / Beta: 1.5.1) - PC Discussion / PC Servers & Clans - Funcom Forums

One added note, you may have an expired mod which may be the cause. Any mod before Sept 2020 is suspect for being broken. I would check those mods to see they still function first, if you have any really old ones.

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Ive had the server up for weeks with no issue. Now the dedicated server launcher just disapears. I run the bat file to launch the server which takes ages like 30 mins now to load. Its ridiculous. Im at a loss to figure out whats really going on.

I believe that sapphire mod is no longer if I am not mistaken, this is what @Sir.Henry.Vale is trying to say to you. You have to check the mods first. Other than that I wish you speed recovery for your server my friend and good luck.

Sapphire mod(s) I believe are back in the public use again.

I wish you luck on resolving your issue. I ended up going back to Gportal for another year (rounded up) instead of trying my hand with a dedicated server for now.

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That’s wonderful news, I was really sad when I read their announcement of taking of their mod. Really happy they find a solution finally.

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