Conan exi̇les server 1032 ddos in PC

1032 named in server there is always ddos this server ı dont play here but where is game masters all my clan friends have sent reports to the server, no feedback is provided this situation made me go away just we want attention…


Isnt there a game master to help?

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Nope. That’s why we rented our own server, Unnamed Kingdom vanilla PvP. If you want standard settings with active admins to keep the cheaters away, come join us. :slight_smile:


You would need to report to @Community in a private message. Private server sounds like a good idea. That is my preference.

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Hey @Millward, we answered your DM report yesterday.

Our team is looking into the server and they already confirmed this isn’t a DDoS case.
Also, we are already tracking the source of the problem and they will be addressed accordingly.

Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.


Can you give me a time exactly? my friends will delete the game almost When is the problem fixed?


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lan oyuna 75 tl para verdik oyunu oynayamıyoruz bu sorunu çözün sizi dava manyagı yaparım bilmiyıorsanız niye açıyorsunuz

There not likely to give a timeline or let anyone know. Your going to find out when the problem is gone. Can not see them advertising they are going out after someone. They do go after people have seen a few in forum wanting to know how they can be unbanned. They are directed to private message after. Good luck to you.

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