Conan exile only single player?

how to find serwers in conan exile ?
my game work only on single playewer.on multiplayer game dont see my internet conection.

Do you buy the game or is it a ***** version?
You need steam installed, and check that your firewall or router do not block the game.

Are you using win7? I use win10 and have no issues whatsoever finding and connecting to servers.

i have steam,i check firewall and dont block conan, and im not alone on this problem,i find manny post from juny aboutt this problem, same my friend informatic try find problem and told me " problem is on game client"

yes i use windows 7 but i read on this forum people on windows 10 have same problem then i dont spend 120$ for new system when this dont change anything

Something is blocking the servers query ports on your system. Try to find someone that can check your computer, easy to resolve but need a physical access to the computer.

i pay 50euro for informatic to check this and he say “this is game client problem”

For me this is simply, Funcom f uck manny people ,dont repair client and have free cash for free. i but game and have only acces to singleplayer… for that i blame this game ewerywhere for help manny people dont lose money

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