🎉 Conan Exiles 5th Anniversary Stream

Greetings Exiles,

May 8th will mark the 5th anniversary of Conan Exiles and we are banding together with the community to celebrate this monumental day.

Hosted by our community managers; we’ll be playing Conan Exiles, having fun quizzes, and sharing in the festive spirit by giving away in-game bundles. There may also be some surprise guest appearances, so mark your calendars and join us for a few hours of blood, glory, and tons of fun!

During the stream, we’ll also be talking about your favorite memories from the past 5 years of Conan Exiles. Perhaps about the first structure that you built while seeking shelter amidst a storm, or raiding an enemy camp with your friends, or maybe just a nice day that you spent with your clan mates. Anything that you remember fondly and would like to celebrate together, feel free to let us know.

You can use the hashtag #5YearsofExiles on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok to send us your best memories from Conan Exiles. Alternatively, if you want to submit your memory anonymously, you can drop us a line using this form.

Anyone looking to bring their friends into Conan Exiles will be pleased to hear that there will be an anniversary Steam Sale starting on May 8th!

During this week, your favorite live streamers on Twitch and YouTube will be building, having fun, and going to battle under the #5YearsofExiles banner. You’ll want to make sure you visit them, as they may have some interesting loot drops to share with their communities!

Thank you for being the crucial, invaluable part of our 5-year journey, with many more to come. We’d love it if you could accept this invitation and join us 2023-05-08T15:00:00Z on Twitch and YouTube channels.

See you there!


A look back and maybe a look forward of things to come? :eyes::eyes::eyes:


1AM :ok_hand: :+1:
Good time

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What memory even to send in… I don’t even think I have some of my ps4 original screen shots since HDD died.

I would say;

Seeing what game was, and it was gonna stick with Conan Theme pretty hard. Nudity and All.
And just… seeing articles pop up about it. Playing other Survival games that didn’t set Bar Very High.

Popping in Disc Day 1 on Ps4, and just being So ******** Happy this game lived up to hype. Roaming thru Desert to Beach and just seeing everything in distance. Amount of Detail, and Combat and movement being so good. Running around with out my top off, kicking Imps in Face.

Such a Freedom.

Just climbing everything… and then finding stuff up on ledges. (granted, alot of those chest got removed)
Fell in Love with no Hand Holding style. You got hints, and were just left to figure out story. Or follow handful of notes about map.

1st time I was half-way up Fingerfang rock and saw smoke up top, Kept climbing and was just so blasted happy finding him up there.

Walking to Ghost Fence (day 1 disc, no update) And path to Northern end being blocked off, with Ghost waving back at me.

1st or 2nd Purge of Undead Skeletons who walked thru everything I owned…

I’d likely ramble on for hours on end… bring up that time, Funcom broke something… =p


They chose the memorial day :hushed:


Memorial day is May29th. :sweat_smile::us:


Welcome to the Forum. Glad you can use a Callander


Unless someone other country has a memorial day?

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May 8th is celebrated in my country as the end of World War II, because it is the day the armistice was signed (1945). So it has become a bank holiday, we remember our dead. :slightly_smiling_face:

May 29th is a bank holiday, but related to religion in my country. By memorial day, I meant remembering people and giving them flowers on May 8th :slightly_smiling_face: :clipperton_island:

By the way, I really love how you can see the local time when you click on the date. Conan Exiles is played all around the world :hushed:


5 years of repairs. Things still broken or not functioning right.


Count on it, i’ll bring the beers :wink:.

It’s gonna be fun to see the “disconected” screem whjile it’s played on a stream… hope they try to kill the red mother and they may get the feeling of the last months on the game…


@E.y meant no disrespect what so ever I would not do that didn’t know where you are apologies . We have played with people from around the world and treat everyone well again apologies for my ignorance.


They do have a way of making Mondays a holiday here in the US instead of a calendar date that rotates days of the week.


Hard to believe it has been 5 years now. For me Conan Exiles is as fun as ever, and I look forward to whatever Funcom plans to show us.


I hope for this event you will add several things. not just double resources and double xp. I would not say no for special gifts linked to this event and for a limited time

I do understand the games issues, we all do, from devs to players we all experiencing difficulties, but now we speak about the priceless moments we had… Because we had priceless moments in this game, all of us… So it’s time to sit, open our hearts, remember and cherish!

I often say that this game gave me more than i expected. I had online experiences in other games too, but in this game, my “friends” experience went to another level. I manage to make true friends, people i speak and share still! I follow them to other games too, but Conan exiles was the starting line, the game “Station” for a strong friendship that still lasts strong the past 4 years and i personally don’t see this changing for the next ones to come. I don’t use social media, but i fixed a messenger account just for them and a Twitter account just for Funcom and Conan exiles! The gaming friends i made in this game are many, god bless them, but i will speak for two only, Pauline from France and Corentin from Belgium. For them i sacrifice my right arm and i am a man of my words! My financial are to the lines always, but when this thing will change i will make a journey to Belgium for “Ganga”, to France for “Po” and to Norway Ofcurce to shake the hands of these precious professionals who created this game and this Forum! This is on the top list of my dreams!

I was playing in a private pvp server and helped some good fellows from France. Their English was poor, but surely better than my French :rofl:. We were playing in the server “Les Spartiates” at this time in different clans and often we were playing and grouping together. Once i follow the connection of one clan member that was already on my friend list, just to avoid the steps off logging in, choose server, etc…
But this player was playing in another server too, named “La Legion”, only for French people, locked and you could only gain password from Facebook. Again the obligation was to speak French! So without knowing where i am and what i do here, i started my starring run. I wanted day 3 to surprise my French fellow by tossing on his feet all the legendary weapons i managed to claim. After one and a half hour i will accept a message on my psn…

(Po) Salut!

(me) Hello. I am Stelios from Greece and i don’t speak French. Do you speak English?

(Po) French is obligation in this server and it’s locked with password, how did you manage to join?

(me) From the starting menu i joined the session of another player that’s on my friend list!

(Po) Connect on the vocal because i will have to ban you instantly! I have questions please!

(me) Give me some time please i need to find my headset! But where are you, i will come in person (my toon i mean :laughing:), since i am not allowed to play, i will give you my farming so far and recreate character to quit!

(Po) meet me on I4 in 10 minutes and make sure you’ll be connected to the vocal too.

So i connected instantly to the vocal as ordered just sending a message that i can listen to them, but they won’t until I’ll find my headset.

After awhile i managed to connect, meet her and the other Admins on the appointment point, tossed them on the ground my one and a half hour farming and recreate character to quit the server. Pauline witness in my loot bag the breath of the mother…
Impossible she screamed! How did you do this, are you a hacker?

Nah, i answered, just lucky. Outside Den, i collected the shark bite daggers, so o didn’t think a lot, i went to visit at once the Mother. Your server my dear friend has no stamina loss, xp boosted and no inventory loss, i was already lvl 60 :man_shrugging:. Why you call this impossible? I am doing it on official servers in this time frame, not here.
So, nice to meet you guys, see you around. Other than that i don’t pvp, i only pve, so no problem.

The next day i received a message from La Legion admins team!

Our servers name is La Legion and the password is “banana”. Feel free to come and play on our server whenever you wish, we will be happy to have you here! But not in clans please, alone. Yet you can help whoever you wish.

I joined this “easy” server La Legion. Until then, these servers was a humiliation for the game for me, but these 20 minutes i was in the vocal with them was priceless for me. I joined their server and enjoyed the game like never before. Too much laughter and beautiful gaming days followed with these persons, not only in this server but in decades others after, since i became a proud member of La Legion and passed memorable days that 10 thousand words cannot explain.
Pauline is like my little sister, she is in my heart, truly! Her, Alexander (husband of Pauline) my Angela and me was drinking wine in Saturday nights, we from Rhodes and them from Nantes. Sitting in our living rooms each and having conversations. We still do it :blush: and Ofcurce our youngling of La Legion Corentin (Ganga). I am the only person he allows to call him with his birth name, Corentin, when others do this “mistake”, he is upset :rofl:. A unique soul, a unique heart, my little brother sticked like a dagger in my heart! I still remember the day he logged in crying telling us that his grandmother had Corona! He was 24 then and never serious, our little Benjamin creating troubles all the time :rofl:, but this day he tear my heart in pieces…

Again… I can write down for weeks and still wont be enough…

It’s not just them, there are plenty more, beautiful and unique people, like the most recent @Wonka, a fantastic person i met in this forum and on game too…

When i say i gained way more than i expect, I MEAN IT!

From my heart, really…


I never considered your post as disrespectful, so do not apologize it’s alright :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Every country in the world has their own memorial days anyway, I should have specified where I was from in the first post :smiling_face_with_tear:

Well, Mondays sound cool, at least you can have a long weekend of three days this way :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Epic password :rofl:

So Pauline’s husband is from the UK :uk:
or the US, NZ, AU…
But probably from the UK more since she’s French lol.

To Corentin: sois pas chafouin copain :grin: (don’t be upset my friend)

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