Conan Exiles - A Survival Game

Sorry in advance, I was writing this out on the devstream questions thread when it was closed on me just as I went to click ‘post’.

One thing that has always confused me more about Conan than the bugs and glitches is the fact that there is no real threat in the game.

The food and drink system is a chore and not a challenge. The temperature system has never seemed to work as intended and is not a challenge. The enemies in the game can simply be out run or you can jump up onto a rock until they lose interest 100% of the time unless you get stuck inside their hitbox or some jazz. The day and night cycle is nothing more than ambient and night on Siptah is far too bright, rendering light sources and night vision items useless.

I look to games like DayZ, where the the food and drink mechanic is much more interesting and involved, running into a bear in the woods when not prepared is terrifying, or at night, a light source is a valuable item for your survival.

There are some mods that have done a great job at trying to implement more meaningful survival mechanics to Conan, but it would be cool to see the vanilla game turn it up a notch.

What I mean is, you have labelled your game as a survival game. You shouldn’t be afraid of killing your players :slight_smile:

You might have a better experience playing ARK Survival Evolved from Studio Wildcard. They don’t cave.

I mean, I have played pretty much every survival game under the genre. Ark to me suffers from the same issues aside from the random early game spawns when a big dino eats you.

The answer here shouldn’t just be “Go play game x instead”.

I guess my question, because it was originally meant to be a question for the developers stream would be,

Are there any future plans to add more challenging options or features to the game or revamp any of the features I have mentioned?

Well Dayz isn’t that much different then CE. I had played for years. I started when it first came out for alpha testing. To me the hardest part was all the signs were in Russian. My clan Killer’s Un-Leashed have been around since 1999 and we got bored with how simple PvP was in Dayz.

I’m using DayZ as an example to compare survival mechanics. Specifically the day/night cycle, food and drink, temperature, and PvE encounters.

It has nothing to do with PvP or whether you or your clan enjoyed the PvP of DayZ.

Those can be changed by server admins. Funcom will not change those on official servers however.

Haha you are missing my point. It is not to increase/decrease simple modifiers and timers, it is to create more meaningful and interactive survival mechanics.

For example, in DayZ it is important to find a clean source of water or else you could become seriously ill, whereas in CE you can drink anything that is wet. Food poisoning in CE is not a serious condition and you are extremely unlikely to suffer any consequence from it.

There is nothing that can be done in CE aside from adding mods to the game that will change any of these mechanics. You can only change the modifiers of the already existing mechanic. ie, increase or decrease thirst rate, increase or decrease NPC damage, etc.

Well you also have to look at the time period of the game. In history it played out just as in the game. However the food poisoning in game is bull. I have eaten raw meat and guess what no food poisoning. Yet every time you eat raw meat you get poisoned. I would love to take the Devs on a survival retreat.

Game mechanics need a certain amount of abstraction to make the game interesting. Food poisoning is a short-term effect that is easily represented by existing game mechanics. Suffering from a tapeworm infestation for prolonged periods is not, especially since you probably won’t have access to medication to get rid of the parasite. Having a permanent negative condition on your character because you ate undercooked meat is not something most games would do, even survival games.

Contaminated water (causing diarrhoea) still kills ~two million people every year in our modern-day world. It’s not quick, and it’s not clean. I don’t think many of us would like playing a game where you drink from a river, get sick, spend several days playing a character who gets increasingly weaker until you’re incapacitated and eventually die.

I do agree with the OP that survival mechanics could be more interesting. Although various debilitating illnesses would probably just be negative play experiences, things like temperature changes based on time of day (especially in the desert!) could make the game more immersive; and although I’d like to see the hunger meter go down a little more slowly, finding and preparing food should be at least a little more challenging in return. Killing random passers-by and looting full banquets out of their pockets is a tiny bit too easy these days.

That would be the biggest challenge is making these things interesting enough so that they do not just become a tedious chore to tend to from a game play perspective.

The food and drink system is what needs to most attention if you ask me, especially since the healing changes. You are right about it being too easy to stay well fed. Staying well fed and hydrated is not challenging at all and changing the timers wouldn’t help much.

It would be nice if there were a bonus to being well rested and satiated so you have a bonus period of time where possibly your stats are slightly boosted for being in a healthy state. Higher grade food and drink could increase these timers and last longer.

Food and drink also stacks way too high. A 50 stack of steak which is extremely easy to get weighs close to nothing and will last a player longer than a play session. If I was super lazy, I’d build a couple of bee hives and just eat honey and carry a few stacks.

The large variety of different food, drink and meals you can create are all sort of useless. Over the years I have used ice in the volcano to stay cool and drink pulp in the North to prevent declining temperatures or with the old healing system, herbal tea, haunch, and aloe soup.

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